Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

August is already reaching its end, and in America, that means it’s Labor Day weekend! Wherever you are, we hope your weekend is full of as little labor as is permissible. In the meantime, let’s get to the news. This week, we’re focusing our attention on the taxation of nonresidents in the US, what expats will surely want to know about the Streamlined Filing Procedures, our incredible giveaway for those who need to file US taxes living abroad, and more!

Greenback’s $5,000 Tax Prep Giveaway

If you haven’t already, you may want to finish up your Federal Tax Return. For one, the October deadline will be here in a jiffy for those who need to file US taxes living abroad, and for two, if you finish between 8/15 and 9/10, it may be free! Check out our blog for more details on this unbelievable giveaway.

What Paul Manafort Has to Do With Expats

Paul Manafort is in many headlines right now due to his recent convictions. Among other things, he has been charged with failing to disclose his foreign bank accounts, an outcome that has plagued expats since the birth of the FBAR. Find out how to avoid the $100,000 penalty he is facing, in Greenback Co-Founder Carrie McKeegan’s recent article in Inc.!

The Streamlined Filing Procedures Can Be an Expat’s Best Friend

If you’re behind on your expat taxes, the Streamlined Filing Procedures can help you get caught up penalty-free. They constitute an amnesty program developed by the IRS to help late tax filers come forward. We’ve compiled everything you need to know!

Nonresidents and US taxation

Nonresident aliens may be subject to tax filing requirements, depending on their source of income. Find out the details in our guide to nonresident alien taxation!

Greenback Review of the Week

Thanks, Jan! We love it when we can help out the whole family.

Greenback Review: US Taxes Living Abroad

Any Friend of Yours is a Friend of Greenback

Have you referred your friends to Greenback? When your friend completes their Federal Tax Return with us, you’ll receive a $25 credit toward your next tax service with Greenback. Try it out today!

Have Questions About Filing US Taxes Living Abroad?

That’s it for the news this week. Have some questions for us? We’re ready with the answers, so contact us today!

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