Can I be subject to AMT even when I am paying foreign taxes?

The short answer is that yes, one can be subject to AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) even when overseas.

Expatriates utilizing the Foreign Earned Income and Housing Exclusions to eliminate or substantially reduce income should be aware of the AMT. This tax is applied to adjusted gross income (after exclusions) plus certain tax preference items and adjustments, which are reduced by an exemption and limited deductions. The exemption is phased out beginning at certain higher levels of income. An individual is subject to the AMT if it is greater than the regular income tax. If the alternative minimum tax applies, certain deductions for tax preference items may not provide actual income tax benefits.

The alternative minimum tax (AMT) may be reduced by the Foreign Tax Credit to the extent that tax is generated by foreign sourced income. However, the Foreign Tax Credit may not offset more than 90 percent of the tentative AMT liability. This Foreign Tax Credit is computed separately from the regular Foreign Tax Credit on a separate Form 1116.