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About Greenback US Expat Tax Services

Thinking of working with us but still have a few questions? Get all the answers here.

How does your US Expat Opinion Survey work?

There’s nothing more American than voicing your opinion, which is why Greenback is proud to present our annual US Expat Opinion Survey.

In this brief survey (5 minutes or less), we ask for your thoughts on filing taxes and other issues relevant to Americans living abroad. Unite with expats around the world to make your voice heard! Take the 2017 US Expat Opinion Survey now!

Or, view the 2016 survey results.

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Do you prepare tax returns for other countries, as well?

At this time, our accountants can provide expert tax services and advice for the US, UK, and CAN. However, we are looking into expanding our network to include additional country-specific accountants – so this may be an option in the near future. Check back with us frequently for updates!

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Why should I hire Greenback rather than my CPA in the United States?

While your US CPA is likely more than capable of preparing US income tax returns, he or she may not be as familiar with the additional forms and schedules that need to be filed with an expat tax return. Failing to fill out those additional forms correctly can result in you not receiving the right deductions and exclusions (which might mean you pay more on your US tax return), and can also be costly and time-consuming to fix. We amend dozens of returns annually that were incorrectly prepared by well-meaning CPAs in the US who are unfamiliar with expat taxation.

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Who will actually prepare my US expat tax return?

You will be assigned an accountant (either a CPA or an IRS Enrolled Agent) upon registering with Greenback Expat Tax Services, and this accountant will prepare your tax return for you. Your accountant will take the time to get to you know you and your specific situation, answer any questions you have, and be on hand the following year to keep you compliant with your US filing requirements. The work of preparing your tax return is not outsourced to Egypt, India or anyplace else!

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How can I pay for my US expat tax services?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club or JCB for payment. In cases where that is absolutely not possible, you can also wire money directly to us, but there is an additional $25 charge for the incoming wire transfer. If you need to pay via wire transfer, email us at support(at) We do not accept paper checks.

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How do you keep your prices so low?

First, our loyal customer base returns to us every year, and they spread the word to their expat friends, too! Second, because we are a virtual team, we do not have the additional hefty cost of offices, commutes, etc. This allows us to spend money where it matters: on ensuring our customers have a reason to return every year. We do this by hiring an exceptional team of expat-expert CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents and by investing in industry-leading applications that ensure our clients’ information is encrypted and secure while keeping it accessible and easy to use.

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How secure is your website?

Simply stated, our website is extremely secure. We use the same 256-bit encryption used by international banks around the world. Your information is only accessed by the CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent who is preparing your tax returns.

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How do I share my expat tax documents with you?

We provide you with a secure data folder, protected by the same 256-bit encryption you find on any international bank’s website. This folder will be used by you and your Greenback accountant to securely exchange information. We do not recommend emailing any sensitive tax documents, as email is not a secure form of communication.

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Who are your accountants?

Our accountants are all US CPAs or IRS Enrolled Agents who have extensive and specific experience with expatriate taxation. You will work only with your assigned Greenback accountant throughout the process (i.e., we don’t pass off your information to other associates to handle the data or tax work – we don’t believe that is secure or results in the best quality work).

You can view our entire team to better understand their backgrounds and experience here.

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How can I contact Greenback Expat Tax Services?

Due to the many time zones we operate in, the best way to contact us is via email (info(at) If you prefer to speak via phone, you may also call us toll-free by telephone (1-888-362-5032).

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