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Moving abroad? File and pay US taxes hassle-free.

While Americans moving abroad do have to pay US taxes, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to reduce your tax bill. Partner with us to make filing easy.

Start Your U.S. Expat Tax Return

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Find out how to simplify your US taxes when moving abroad.

Everything you need to know—from forms to deadlines to tax credits.

  1. When moving abroad, you may need to pay taxes to your host country in addition to your US taxes. Fortunately, American expats can use foreign tax credits to avoid paying twice as much!

  2. Moving abroad mid-year? Once you qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE), you’ll be able to exclude a prorated amount of your taxable income to reduce your US tax bill.

  3. After moving to a foreign country, many US expats can increase tax savings by excluding housing expenses such as rent, utilities, and property insurance.

  4. The IRS requires US citizens and green card holders living abroad to file a Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) for financial assets that exceed certain thresholds. Failing to file can cause expensive fines.

  5. Moving abroad doesn’t necessarily mean you will get out of paying state taxes. If you own property, have a driver’s license, or are registered to vote, you may be required to pay taxes in some states.

Consulting a tax professional prior to your move abroad can make filing quicker and easier. That’s where Greenback comes in!

International adventure awaits. Don’t let your US expat taxes hold you back.

Your tax needs are as unique as you are. Together, we’ll review the best ways to simplify your tax filing after moving abroad. Typically, Americans living overseas need the following documents:

Federal Tax Return

All Americans living abroad need to file a federal tax return each year, if they make over the minimum filing thresholds (12,000 for filing single, 24,000 for married filing jointly). This is true even if you are filing in the country in which you reside.


State Tax Return

This varies on the last state you lived in in the US. Some states like California or Virginia require you to file a tax return, others like Washington or Texas do not. We can advise you based on your specific situation.


FBAR Reporting

If you have a financial interest in one or more overseas financial accounts and the total value of all of the financial accounts combined was $10,000 or more during any point during the tax year.

$100 per 5 accounts

The Greenback Difference

  • We go the extra - few thousand - miles.

    Whether it is finding every possible deduction to reduce your tax liability, or providing a timely answer to a question, all Greenback accountants go above and beyond to take care of our clients all around the world.

  • Messy calculations no more.

    Our accountants do all the heavy lifting when it comes to your tax return. We don’t have you do any of the financial calculations, as many firms do.

  • No tax jargon. Just clear communication.

    We take great care to explain taxes in simple terms that you can understand. Our accountants are excellent communicators who truly want you to understand what they are doing and why.

  • Ensuring your privacy with banking-grade security.

    Your privacy is always paramount. We use 256-bit data encryption, which is the same as most banks use, to ensure the highest level of security. Each client is given a personal, password-protected online folder where they upload their tax documents. Only you and your accountant will access to the files, so your private information stays just that – private.

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