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Free Webinar: US Expat Tax Documents Made Easy

What It's About

Knowing which tax documents you need and gathering them early is one of the top ways to save time and frustration when filing your US expat taxes.

But this can be challenging when you're waiting on documents from a foreign country or have to translate the statements you receive.

In this webinar, you'll learn about all the most common tax documents, how to overcome the unique challenges expats face, and the best ways to make starting your taxes fast and easy.

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What You Will Learn

    • The most common documents you'll need to file your US expat tax return
    • When you can expect to receive tax documents from the US and how long you need to hold on to them
    • What information you'll need to track down and when you need to start looking in order to hit US tax deadlines
    • Special circumstances and additional documents you may need

Meet Your Presenters.


Tabitha, Customer Champion

Having been an expat herself, Tabitha knows full well all the joys and headaches that can come with living abroad! As an IRS Enrolled Agent, Tabitha helps simplify the tax prep process for our clients by providing clear guidance and answering expat tax questions. More than anything, she's loves sharing "aha!" moments with expats who've found the clarity they need to file with confidence!


Allen, CPA, MBA

Allen has been working almost exclusively with expats since 2013. Having lived in South Korea for ten years and Denmark for two, he is no stranger to the expat lifestyle. In addition to understanding the intricacies of expat tax preparation, Allen excels at guiding individuals through the IRS audit process, leveraging his seven years of experience as a corporate auditor. Allen’s strategy is simple: he takes the time to understand your unique situation and strives to make everything as easy as possible for you.

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