On-Demand Webinar – How to File Taxes as an American in Australia

Don’t spend hours sifting through dozens of articles on US and Australian tax filing when you can sit back, relax and watch this free, comprehensive on-demand webinar! It’s the fastest (and easiest!) way to get all the tax information you need. Greenback’s co-founder, David McKeegan, and our Australian tax expert, Ben McAdam, provide a comprehensive overview of your US tax filing obligations, including how to save the most money on your US and Aussie taxes and more!

You’ll learn:

  • Australian tax deadlines and updates for 2015
  • All about Superannuation and the taxation of contributions
  • How using the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and the Foreign Tax Credit can help you save on your US tax return
  • Your US Foreign Bank Account Reporting requirements (FBAR and FATCA)
  • US tax filing deadlines

This is a rare opportunity to explore both Aussie and US tax return obligations, all in one convenient place. Watch it today!