On-Demand Webinar – Expat Taxes in 2020: How to File US Taxes Abroad Hassle-Free

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Filing your US expat tax return in 2020 is unlike any other year. Watch the webinar and find out what you need to know:

2020 has brought an influx of tax changes for US expats. In March, the US government’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed deadlines, introduced new tax credits, and suspended key compliance programs to provide relief to Americans around the world. Combined with the usual annual updates to tax rules and IRS initiatives, even seasoned expats may struggle to navigate filing requirements this year.

The situation is particularly perplexing for Americans abroad filing expat tax returns for the first time. Plus, to be eligible for Coronavirus relief payments, you’ll need to be up-to-date on your recent US tax returns. Fortunately, now is the perfect time for expats to get caught up without getting hit with late tax-filing penalties.

Whether you’re a first-time filer or you’ve lived abroad for years, this webinar will tell you everything you need to know about filing your expat tax return in 2020.

You’ll learn about:

  • New tax deadlines for 2020
  • Key deductions and tax savings for expats this year
  • What first-time filers need to know—including how to file late tax returns penalty-free!
  • How to simplify tax prep and speed up the filing process