On-Demand Webinar – Do You Qualify for the Refunds Owed to Americans in France?

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The experts at Greenback discuss the recent major updates in France where the IRS was found to have been improperly over-collecting tax dollars and unjustly applying a Foreign Tax Credit limitation.

Consequently, thousands of US expats living in France have paid more tax than was lawful, meaning the IRS now owes what is said to be millions in refunds.

Since great tax news is rare – perhaps even more so for Americans in France, join us for this free informational session as our team of expat-experts sits down to discuss:

• Why the French taxes in question were previously ineligible for deductions
• What this news means for Americans in France
• Who is affected by this
• How you can find out if you are owed a refund and what documents you’ll need
• A free email consultation offer exclusively for Americans in France
• Plus, a live Q&A session