7 Ways Greenback Takes the Stress Out of US Expat Taxes

7 Ways Greenback Takes the Stress Out of US Expat Taxes

What It’s About

It’s no secret that filing US taxes as an American living abroad is daunting. At Greenback, our expert team has spent the last decade trying to make the process of filing your expat taxes as simple and hassle-free as possible. As you watch this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how we do that and how we can give you peace of mind on your taxes.

Plus you’ll hear the questions asked by other expats during the live Q&A session on topics including PFICs, the Foreign Tax Credit, buying and selling real estate abroad, the Bona Fide Residence Test, and many more!

What You Will Learn

  • Why we choose to focus 100% on expat taxes
  • How our team of accountants located around the world has helped over 10,000 Americans living abroad
  • Why we use flat-fee pricing to eliminate surprises so you’ll always know what to expect from your bill when you work with us
  • How we keep expats like you in the know, from breaking tax news to IRS tax changes and more
  • How our 24/7 support helps guide you every step of the way.
  • What it means to work with a team of experts who’ve seen it all! Rest assured, even if you’re behind, we can help you get your taxes done and done right
  • Why tax time is infinitely easier with the right people and technology in your corner!

Meet Your Presenters


Brandon, EA

Brandon has worked in tax for over 15 years. He began his career at a boutique tax consulting firm in Florida that specialized in individual taxation (with a dedicated expatriate tax team), inclusive of tax research, preparation, and audit representation. He also has extensive experience working in the tax departments of a large insurance and financial services provider, as well as a global bank, focusing on a myriad of tax research and reporting issues.


Tabitha, Customer Champion

Having been an expat herself, Tabitha knows full well all the joys and headaches that can come with living abroad! As an IRS Enrolled Agent, Tabitha helps simplify the tax prep process for our clients by providing clear guidance and answering expat tax questions. More than anything, she’s loves sharing “aha!” moments with expats who’ve found the clarity they need to file with confidence!

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