Extensions and Deadlines (Video) US Expat Taxes Explained

Deadlines You Need to Know for Your US Expat Taxes

As a US expatriate living abroad, you are responsible for filing your expatriate tax return in a timely fashion. Most expats are happy to learn that they can file later in the year than those Americans who live in the US, but even with additional time, it’s still necessary to get your returns in by the deadline.

This short video details the important deadlines that expats should be aware of, as well as the process to file for an extension.

Worried that you’re running out of time?

Never fear. Greenback can help you:

  • View a quick list of relevant deadlines on our website.
  • File amended tax returns and forms accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Help you find the best ways to reduce or eliminate the taxes you owe by completing your US expat taxes for the current year.

For More Information About US Expat Taxes

A good place to start is our “US Expat Taxes Explained” series, which is a comprehensive resource for filing tax abroad. If you have any other questions or would like to learn about our expat tax services, please contact us.