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April 4, 2018 Update – 

Please note: Due to overwhelming demand for our tax preparation services right now, we do not currently have an accountant available for your consultation. You can still proceed with purchasing a consultation and we will work to match you with an accountant as soon as they become available.

Our accountants are ready to answer all your US expat tax questions. Getting started is easy – just fill out the form below, submit payment and your accountant will be in touch within minutes to schedule your appointment.

Why choose Greenback for expat tax advice?

  • Expertise. Your consultation will be with a CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent with expert knowledge on providing expat tax advice for Americans living abroad.
  • Expat Taxes Simplified. We’ll simplify complex expat tax rules and requirements and won’t over complicate it.
  • Our Hassle-Free Service. Our customers come back year-after-year because in addition to being expat tax experts, working with us is easy!

Consultations are done by phone, Skype or email depending on time-zones and availability. Cost is $150 per 30-minute increments. You will be invoiced in advance of the consultation and then you’ll be matched up with one of our expert accounts who will reach out to you within 1 business day to answer your tax questions!

Important notes:

  • Consultations are limited to questions relating to US, UK and Canada taxes. We are not able to provide additional country-specific consultations at this time.
  • There may be some circumstances where it’s more practical to do an email-based consultation due to time-zones.

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