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US Expat Taxes Explained: Filing Taxes as an American Living in Australia

With its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and laid-back, English-speaking culture, it is no wonder that Australia is such an attractive destination for American expatriates. Also, one-fifth of the Australian population was born outside the country, and Australia has a points-based residency system that makes it fairly accessible to those with the desired skills and education….

Expat Entrepreneurs and Self-Employment Taxes
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What Expat Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Self-Employment Taxes

Expat entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business overseas should expect another layer of complication to their expat taxes. Fortunately, that’s no reason to abandon your career dreams! Read our tips first to ensure you understand all the implications for your self-employment taxes. Filing Requirements for Self-Employment Taxes The thresholds for triggering a filing…

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The APAC Forum for Expatriate Management Shortlists Greenback Expat Tax Services for Thought Leadership Award!

We’re so excited that Greenback Expat Tax Services been shortlisted for the Thought Leadership Award by the Forum for Expatriate Management! The EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Award) goes to the company that conducted the best survey or research study of the year. We’re thrilled to be the only tax provider in the running for…

Case Study- Getting Caught Up on US Expatriate Tax Returns
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Greenback Case Study: Couple Catches Up on US Expatriate Taxes Using the Streamlined Program

The Streamlined Filing Procedures program is designed to help Americans who are delinquent on their US expatriate taxes become compliant. Streamlined is the most popular amnesty program offered by the IRS. Greenback has helped hundreds of expats get caught up on their US tax obligations, and many choose the Streamlined Filing Procedures because the filing…