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American Expat Entrepreneur and US-Based Business

The Perks of Opening a Business Abroad as an American Expat Entrepreneur

The state department estimated that approximately 9 million Americans were living abroad in 2016, and this number is growing. Expats report enjoying life overseas, with many intending to stay abroad permanently. For someone who is opening a business abroad, choosing how to structure your foreign business can be complex with various factors to consider. A…

Form 673 for Military Employees

Withholding Taxes and Form 673 for Military Employees

Under what circumstances should a military contractor stop withholding taxes? Let’s explore Form 673: not just the process for filling it, but also where to send it. What’s New About the Process US military contractors and employees received some good news with the enactment of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. For tax years leading…