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Streamlined Filing Package

Has it been a while since your last filed a US tax return?  We get it and you are not alone!  In fact its so common that the IRS created a special program to help people get caught up in an easier and more affordable way.  The program is called the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedure and it is open to tax payers who can certify that their lack of filing and paying taxes was non-willful.  What does that mean?  Basically that your lack of filing and paying taxes was due to “negligence, inadvertence or mistake or conduct that is the result of a good faith misunderstanding of the requirements of the law.”

We understand that it can be stressful to be behind on your US taxes, but we have particular expertise in helping US expats get caught up using the Streamlined Filing Procedures. We’ve created this special Streamlined Filing Package with a flat fee to save you money and make getting caught up as hassle-free as possible!

In order to catch up using this program, the IRS requires the past 3 years of delinquent Federal Tax Returns and the past 6 years of FBARs be filed. As of June 2014, the IRS has waived all late filing and FBAR penalties for those whose lack of filing was non-willful.

Included in this flat fee is Form 14653 – Certification by US Person Residing Outside of the United States for Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures. This form is a requirement when filing using the Streamlined Filing process. The form is meant to certify that your tax delinquency was a non-willful act, which is a requirement in order to utilize the Streamlined program for getting caught up on taxes without penalties. We will give you examples to follow and help review the form and your certification statement to make sure your certification is approved by the IRS.

Included in our flat fee of $1450:

  • 3 years of delinquent Federal Tax Returns
  • 6 years of FBARS (up to 5 accounts per FBAR form and $50 for each additional 5 accounts)
  • Help with Form 14653 to certify tax delinquency was non-willful

Why choose Greenback to help you get back on track with the IRS and US Treasury Department?

  • Expertise. True experts who have extensive experience in filing late tax returns. We file 100s of late tax returns each year.
  • Security. You upload your tax documents to a personal, secure data folder. We use 256-bit encrypted security, the same as most banks.
  • Dependability. Late filers often file at times other than tax time, and we are here for you year-round, whenever you need us.
  • Simplified. We don’t leave any financial calculations up to you — we do all
    the heavy lifting.
  • Sincerity. We pride ourselves on not just being tax experts, but easy to work with too! We know being behind with the IRS on your taxes can be daunting, and we try to allay your fears by explaining complex tax matters in layman’s terms (not jargon) so you understand your choices.

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Cost: $1450 USD
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Streamlined Filing Services & Pricing FAQ

  • How do the Streamlined Procedures work?

    In 2012, the IRS launched an initiative called the Streamlined Filing Procedures to help American expats who are multiple years behind on their required tax filings. Under the program, the IRS waives all penalties for late filing and late tax payment for expats whose lack of filing was non-willful (meaning you did not intentionally evade your filing responsibilities).

    The Streamlined Filing program allows expat taxpayers to get caught up by filing only:

    • The last three years of delinquent expat tax returns
    • The last 6 years of Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) forms
    • Form 14653 to certify that your tax delinquency was non-willful

    Note: To qualify for the Streamlined Program, you must be at least three years behind on your taxes.

    If you’re in this situation, you’re going to want to take quick action. The IRS is lenient toward those who come forward voluntarily, but if they notice your non-compliance before you have taken action, they are much less sympathetic.

    Also, the IRS can end programs like the Streamlined Filing Procedures at any time. In 2018, the IRS terminated a similar program, which could signal that the era of IRS leniency is coming to an end.

    Fortunately, Greenback can help with all aspects of your Streamlined Filing. Our experts will ensure you have everything you need to get caught up on your taxes quickly and painlessly.

  • What is included in the Streamlined Filing package and how much does it cost?

    Our Streamlined Filing package includes everything you will need to get caught up on your expat taxes penalty-free through this special IRS program. This package will help you become compliant quickly and painlessly as your accountant will handle the preparation of all 3 years of delinquent Federal Tax Returns, 6 years of FBARs, and a custom statement of explanation to the IRS for a flat fee of $1450.

    Included in our flat fee:

    • 3 years of delinquent Federal Tax Returns
    • 6 years of FBARS (up to 5 accounts per FBAR form and $50 for each additional 5 accounts)
    • Help with Form 14653 to certify tax delinquency was non-willful
  • What services do you provide for filing late tax returns?

    If you are filing taxes 1 year late, we recommend filing as soon as possible as penalties have been accruing. If you need tax assistance, learn more about our flat-fee late tax return preparation. If you were unaware that you needed to file and require several years of tax filing, you may qualify for the Streamlined Filing Procedures. If you need tax assistance, learn more about our flat-fee Streamlined Filing Package designed to save you money.

  • How do I know what tax years I need?

    Not sure which tax years you need? Not to worry, we’re here to help!

    Check out this video which walks you through each option within your Greenback Tax Companion Account.

  • How do I meet my accountant?

    This is where the magic happens. Within one business day after you sign up, you’ll be introduced to one of our awesome accountants who will fully review your situation, answer any questions you may have and work to ensure your tax return is accurate and uncovers all the best opportunities for savings and deductions.