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Every year, I dread tax season, but this year I actually ENJOYED doing my taxes! I felt in good hands from the moment I had my initial 15-minute consult. For the first time, I genuinely felt in good hands with the right tax expert for my situation. I love the online portal that makes it so easy to add important docs, the communication and expectations were clear and well communicated, reminder emails are automatic and helpful...I'm 100% satisfied, will be using Greenback next year and highly recommend their services.

Jamie C


Based on 15 reviews

My tax advisor just became my personal hero. American expat friend, no matter where you live: if you are ever in need of assistance with your ever-so-complicated tax returns or FBARs, please contact Greenback! I can recommend them without reservation. My angel of a tax advisor went to great lengths and was absolutely reliable, professional, and congenial throughout. I will forever be grateful for his competent advice that finally got me back on track with American taxes.

Susan Lynn D.


Greenback made a complex process straightforward. I have just moved to the US from the UK and, with salaries from two jobs in two countries with different tax years, as well as rental income, I would have been lost without Greenback. They made my life easier, provided value for money and the accountant with whom I worked was helpful and happy to answer all my questions. I'll be using Greenback for my taxes next year and for many years.

Michael L.


Based on 694 reviews

I have had the folks at Greenback do my taxes for about 10 years now and have always been satisfied with the process, service, pricing, and, importantly, the results! I am one that appreciates having the same accountant do my returns over the years. This continuity is just one of the "soft" or "hard to measure" metrics in why I appreciate this service! I can highly recommend them with confidence!

Joe C.


Based on 62 reviews

Greenback is the perfect niche business. They do what they do extremely well. They are professional, responsive, and resourceful. Working with them takes the dread and tedium from that uniquely American original sin of having to pay taxes on worldwide income while living abroad. I cannot imagine facing this yearly slog without Greenback! My accountant, whom I have never met, of course, is one of my favorite people.

Stephen N.


Based on 694 reviews

In 2019 I did my return with another firm because it was cheaper. But it was more stressful, the questionnaire was difficult to navigate and the advisers were impatient with my confusion. So I came back to Greenback in 2020, because I was confident it would be a stress-free experience.

Shirley R.

United Kingdom

Third-year in a row and I'll be back for a fourth! As a former expat now repatriated to the US, I found dealing with foreign assets to be cumbersome and increasingly fraught with risk. I selected Greenback because they are expats themselves... so they have a vested interest in understanding the evolving tax landscape and getting it right. My accountant communicates rapidly and responsively; no question ever too silly for her to answer and she is extremely diligent in follow-up and attention to detail. Taxes are almost stress-free!


United States

Based on 694 reviews

Super fast, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. I keep using Greenback year after year and will continue!



Based on 694 reviews