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Only a CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent with knowledge of your situation can advise you if you need to file a state return.  However, generally speaking:

  • If  you last resided in or maintain residency in California, New Mexico,  North Carolina or Virginia, you will likely need to file a State Tax Return.
  • If you last resided in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington or Wyoming, then you probably will not need to file a state tax return.
  • For most other states, it will depend on your personal circumstances, how long you have been abroad, what ties you have to the specific state, etc.

Greenback always offers…

  • Reliability. Your Greenback CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent is your personal tax expert, who will work directly with you through the whole process and in the future.
  • Expertise. We only hire expat tax experts who have extensive expertise filing state tax returns for expats.
  • Security. Rest assured that your data is secure — we use 256-bit encrypted security to protect your state tax documents.
  • Support. If you need advice on your State Tax Return, we are always here for you- year-round, not just at tax time!
  • Accuracy. Your Greenback CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent does all the financial calculations for you.
  • Sincerity. We are easy to work with and completely committed to superior customer service, which is why our customers come back year after year.