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Can the Foreign Tax Credit Help You Get a Refund on your US Taxes?

Case Study Using the Foreign Tax Credit
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 As an American living abroad, you are required to file US tax returns each year, but that doesn’t mean you will automatically owe taxes to the IRS. The US has put several money-saving deductions, credits and exclusions in place to help reduce or eliminate the dreaded dual-taxation (paying taxes to two countries). This case study… Read more

Top Questions About Filing Taxes Abroad

Obamacare Reporting Q&A
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In this week’s edition of “Ask Dave”, we take a closer look at Obamacare, taking a treaty-based position and a very common question about whether an expat needs to file a US tax return if their income is less than the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Question: How do I qualify for an exemption to Obamacare if… Read more

The Latest Expat Tax News for Americans Living Abroad

Latest Expat Tax News
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Rand Paul Isn’t Giving Up on FATCA Repeal Sen. Rand Paul recently re-introduced a bill that would repeal key provisions of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which has been causing an international uproar, especially among US expats. FATCA requires individuals to report specified foreign financial assets if they exceed certain thresholds. Last year, foreign financial… Read more

Do You Need to File Form 1116 to Use the Foreign Tax Credit?

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If you are planning to elect the Foreign Tax Credit, is it a requirement to file Form 1116? In this brief video, David McKeegan explains when you need to file Form 1116 and when you don’t! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everybody. My name is David McKeegan with Greenback Expat Tax Services and our question today is, “Do I… Read more

5 Things You Need to Know About FATCA

FATCA Top 5 Facts
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There is no shortage of information about Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in the media today; let’s face it, most of it is negative. FATCA brings about an emotional reaction from expats in particular—many feel that they are being unfairly singled out and labelled as tax evaders, simply because they hold accounts and assets… Read more

ACA Alert:  Choose Your Expat Tax Preparer Wisely

IRS Alert: Choose Expat Tax Preparer Wisely
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There have been no shortage of consumer alerts this tax season, with warnings about scams from unscrupulous criminals trying to steal taxpayers’ identities through bogus emails or phone calls. Now there are reports of tax preparers using the consumer confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalties to make a quick profit. Protect Yourself with… Read more

What Are the Specified Foreign Assets You Must Report on Form 8938?

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You’ve heard lots about FATCA, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, and much of it is likely confusing. Especially the reporting requirements. Wondering what ‘foreign specified assets’ really are? David McKeegan explains it all in this brief video. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi, everybody. I’m David McKeegan with Greenback Expat Tax Services, and our question today is, “What… Read more

Greenback Case Study: Accidental American Gets Caught Up On US Tax Returns

German Accidental American
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Her story is a familiar one: a US citizen who has always lived and worked in another country who suddenly realizes they should have been filing US taxes all along. This growing group of Americans has been coined “Accidental Americans”, and with all the recent media coverage of the topic, more and more US citizens… Read more

Buying and Selling Foreign Property as a US Expat

Buying and Selling Foreign Property
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The opportunity to purchase foreign real estate seems to get easier every day.  Technology gives us access to properties located all over the world.  As a result, Americans are looking to buy and sell real estate outside of the United States more than ever – whether for investment, retirement or residence.  If this is something… Read more

Our US Expat Opinion Survey is Live!

Greenback expat tax survey 2015
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Our 2015 US Expat Opinion Survey is live and it’s time to share your opinions on expat taxes and a variety of expat lifestyle issues! In under 4 minutes you can let us know how you, as a US expat, feel about filing US taxes, FATCA, renouncing citizenship, US government representation and more! Why did… Read more