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What are the Benefits of Being an American Living Overseas?

Benefits of US Citizenship
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Many expats are frustrated with the US requirement to continuing filing tax returns even when they reside outside the US. Preparing US expat taxes is complex, time-consuming and also frustrating—and you may simply throw your hands up and ask the US government “What are you doing for me?” So let’s take a look at the… Read more

US Expats are Now 8.7 Million Strong!

US Expats 8.7 Million Strong
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It’s time for the Monday expat news roundup! The US State Department recently released its newest estimate of Americans living overseas. There are now about 8.7 million US expats, up from 7.6 million! Clearly more and more Americans are recognizing the personal and often financial benefits of living abroad. Why the jump in US expats?… Read more

How Do You Report Superannuation on Your US Tax Return?

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The most common question we receive from Americans in Australia is: “How do I report my superannuation fund on my US tax return and is it taxable?” US taxation of superannuation is relatively complex and the IRS hasn’t been 100% clear on how it is treated or how it should be reported. But David McKeegan,… Read more

Top Tax Tips for Foreigners Investing in US Property

Foreigners investing in the US
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Any purchase of real estate is an important decision; but the investment of real estate in the United States can result in taxing problems for foreigners.  Depending on the type of the real estate investment and the investment entity, there are special rules for purchase, operation and the eventual sale of US real property interests…. Read more

Top Money-Saving US Expat Tax Tips for Overseas Entrepreneurs

Starting a Business Overseas
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It is the Age of Technology. Some people would argue that technology may be expanding too far—just ask the parent of a teenager if they wish Instagram were never created. But one thing is clear. The Internet has opened up a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs—literally. The business world is global and your physical location… Read more

US Tax Evasion Not Limited to Overseas Accounts

US Taxes and Uncle Sam
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It’s Monday and that means it’s time to look at some of the most interesting articles this week in the world of expat taxes, finance and life! This week we highlight the tax evasion conviction for the owner of a US pizza franchise, Happy’s Pizza. This story is significant because so much attention has been… Read more

Your US Tax Guide to Foreign and Domestic Retirement Accounts

Retiring Abroad and Your US Investments
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If you are dreaming about retiring abroad but unsure about how your US and foreign retirement accounts will be taxed, this article is for you! Let’s take a closer look at the different types of investments and how FATCA may impact your US tax liability and reporting. Domestic Retirement Benefits & US Tax Domestic retirement benefits are… Read more

No Taxation Without Representation!

Boston Tea Party
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  No taxation without representation If it’s been some time since you hit the history books, you may not remember exactly why Americans celebrate July 4th. Independence Day was all about taxes. Whether you are a history buff or not, a refresher on the tax and tariff issues that drove the creation of the Declaration… Read more

How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Buying US Property

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Years ago, capital gains tax was a huge topic in the US real estate world. Today, the subject is less controversial but also a bit more unclear, as the rules have changed since 1997. David McKeegan answers one reader’s question about how quickly you need to use a capital gain from a property sale to… Read more

The Riches and Splendor of Life as a Digital Nomad

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Have you ever thought about ditching your desk, escaping the cubicle and creating a career full of adventure, travel and wealth? Then the Digital Nomad life may just be for you! Besides the obvious benefits of a freer lifestyle, you may also enjoy tax savings as a result of your new career path. Check out this… Read more