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FATCA Update – IRS and Mexico Begin Sharing Information

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It’s no secret that US expats are frustrated and angry over FATCA’s impact on their lives abroad. FATCA, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, requires individuals to report the value of specified foreign financial assets to the IRS if they exceed certain thresholds. There is another important aspect to FATCA – the agreements being entered into by… Read more

Living in a No-Tax Country – Are You Really Spending Less Filing US Taxes Abroad?

Filing US Taxes Abroad
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Looking at your paycheck, it seems like taxes are on a never-ending upward climb. Between Federal income tax, state income tax, city income tax, Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes, the total can eat up almost half of your pay (or more!). Filing US taxes abroad as well as your resident country’s taxes can seem… Read more

How New Changes in Gift Taxes for Expatriates May Affect You

Taxes for expatriates
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One of the least understood tax rules in the US is the federal gift tax. If you are trying to understand the extremely complex rules and regulations on taxes for expatriates, you may wonder how and when the gift tax applies to you. Traditionally, it is the giver that has to worry about paying taxes… Read more

5 Things to Remember About US Taxes When You Move Back to the US

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Is your time abroad coming to a close? In the midst of all your planning, it’s easy to forget about your US taxes—you’re sort of busy, right? That’s understandable. But our goal is to help you save the most on your US taxes while staying compliant. Here are the top 5 expat tax tips for… Read more

What is the Real Number of US Renunciations Due to Expatriate Taxes?

Renunciations due to expatriate taxes
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It’s no secret that the number of Americans renouncing US citizenship has been climbing exponentially in recent years. Many expats are frustrated with the extensive and burdensome requirements for filing US taxes while living abroad. Preparing US expatriate taxes is complex, time-consuming and frustrating. Number of US Renunciations In the first quarter of 2015, there… Read more

US Expat Tax Implications for the Adventurous American Digital Nomad

US Expat Tax Digital Nomad
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In this world of endless connectivity and worldwide telecommuting, the “digital nomad” has become an increasingly popular way of living and working. Being a digital nomad allows you to free yourself to live anywhere in the world while still earning a living. While this type of freedom allows you endless opportunities to expand your horizons,… Read more

2015 Tax Provider of the Year! Thank You for Making Greenback EMMA Winner!

Expatriate Tax Provider of the Year Greenback
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With clients in 155 countries—and growing rapidly—we have taken considerable pride in the service we provide to expats all over the world. We are honored that our specialization, approach and dedication to helping Americans living abroad prepare their US taxes has been recognized. We want to thank our customers above all for their continued support… Read more

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes on your US Taxes!

5 Mistakes Expats Make on US Expats
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Filing taxes as an expat is downright challenging and it’s not uncommon for Americans living abroad to make mistakes—and sometimes those mistakes can be costly! Avoid making these 5 errors and tax time will be stress-free instead of stressful. Mistake #1: Not Filing a Tax Return While most expats end up paying little or no… Read more

Survey Reveals Top Expat Destinations and Difficulties Plaguing Traveling Spouses

InterNations Survey on Top Expat Destinations
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A recent survey by popular expat social group, InterNations, focused on all aspects of expat life, from overall happiness to raising children. One of the most interesting revelations is the number of trailing (traveling) spouses (those who travel around the world ‘following’ their spouse, who is generally the primary wage-earner) who are unhappy with their… Read more

Don’t Send Your Employees Overseas Without These Top US Tax Tips!

Know US Tax Tips Before Sending Employees Overseas
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Are you one of the millions of employers who are planning to send employees on overseas assignments? Global expansion has come into focus and many business owners are recognizing its value for both the company and the employee. But what employees don’t know can cost them. And oftentimes, tax implications are overlooked. It’s your job… Read more