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The Ins and Outs of Filing Taxes as an Expat in South Africa

Filing US and South African Taxes
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Welcome to South Africa, where US expats flock to experience cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes, a bounty of adventure activities and a climate well-suited to enjoy the 3000km coastline! You’re probably not thinking about expat taxes while you’re basking in the joy of this wonderful country, but we are here to outline the most important things you… Read more

Best Ways to Save Money on US Expat Taxes (Infographic)

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If you are like most expats, saving the most money on your US expat taxes is a top priority! But how do you avoid the dreaded dual-taxation? Thankfully the US has put several deductions and exclusions into place to help you do just that. Check out this infographic that highlights (and explains) the most commons… Read more

How Superannuation Impacts Your US Tax Return

Australia Superannuation
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So you have Australian superannuation and you also have a US filing requirement as a citizen or US resident: what do you do? Let’s take a closer look at how superannuation is taxed by the US and Australia so you know what to expect come tax time! Superannuation Basics Australian superannuation funds are generally run… Read more

Americans with Canadian Retirement Plans Rejoice!

Canadian Retirement Plan Tax Treatent
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For Americans with Canadian Retirement Plans, a very welcome change has come! The IRS has announced changes at the end of last year that will make it easier for those who hold interests in either of two popular Canadian retirement plans (RRSPs and RRIFs) to get favorable tax treatment when filing US taxes and simplified procedures for US taxpayers with these… Read more

Filing US Taxes as an American in Estonia

Estonia Country Guide
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Estonia, a Baltic state in Northern Europe, and while it’s not known for its warm weather, it’s a beautiful place for expats to reside! You’ll find splendid beaches on the extensive coastline, but enjoy it while you can–the swimming season is short! After all, the Baltics are not known for their outstanding weather. The summer is short and… Read more

Experience the Freedom of Being Caught Up on FBAR and US Expat Taxes!

Getting Caught Up Freedom
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If you haven’t filed a US tax return since you became an expat, you are not alone! Many expats are unaware of their need to file each year, but once you become aware, there are definitely options to get caught up—and they don’t all involve harsh penalties. This is the story of one such expat… Read more

US Expat Taxes 101: The Foreign Housing Exclusion

Foreign Housing Exclusion
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There are several important deductions and exclusions that help US expats reduce their overall US tax liability. One of the lesser-known exclusions is the Foreign Housing Exclusion (FHE), which allows you to deduct certain housing expenses from your US tax liability. In a nutshell, this is the IRS’ way of saying “Hey, we understand that… Read more

Top Weekly US Tax News

US Tax News Weekly Update
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It’s time for the weekly expat tax news roundup, and with the first tax deadline of the year approaching, here is some tax advice you don’t want to miss! US Tax Tips for Self-Employed Individuals The first tax deadline of the year is approaching (April 15) and it’s time to start sorting through your tax… Read more

How Canadian Retirement Plans are Taxed in the US

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If you are an American citizen living in Canada who may be planning to retire there, this video is for you! There are many questions surrounding the US taxation of the Canadian retirement plans. Are they taxable in the US? Do I need to report them to the IRS? David McKeegan answers the common questions about… Read more

Top 2015 Expat Tax Updates You Need to Know (Infographic)

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While you may still be preparing your 2014 US expat tax return, the experts here at Greenback are already preparing you for what you need to know for next year! Check out this infographic which highlights the top expat tax changes that will impact you in the upcoming year.   Do you need more information… Read more