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What Are the Top US Expat Questions Before the Tax Deadline?

Ask Dave- Top US Expat Questions
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The US expat tax deadline is almost here! Here is a quick look at the most common questions we get in the weeks prior to the deadline! Dear Dave, If I am living and working overseas but get paid by a US employer, is this considered foreign earned income?  Alyssa K, Greece Dear Alyssa, Yes!… Read more

Where Will Your Business Pay the Most?

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Expat entrepreneurs beware! Running your own business can be very lucrative, but it’s important to pay attention to the corporate tax rates before you uproot yourself and move to another country. No one wants a nasty surprise at tax time! So we have created this infographic to keep you in the know–these are the countries… Read more

US Expat Taxes 101: 3 Reasons to Get Caught Up On US Taxes Now

Getting Caught up on US Taxes
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For the millions of Americans who are living abroad, US taxes were merely an afterthought for years. However, things are changing. US citizens have always been required to file US tax returns and report their worldwide income, but there was little enforcement. Recently, the IRS has stepped up their efforts, as their worldwide initiative to… Read more

Is Income From a US Company Foreign Earned for US Tax Purposes?

Freelancing and Foreign Earned Income
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This week, a reader wrote in to “Ask Dave” whether income earned from US companies still qualifies as ‘foreign earned income’. This is a very common question and an important one to fully understand, as it directly impacts your US taxes. “Hi! I’m a US expat freelancer living in Switzerland. I file Schedule C and Form… Read more

Oops! What to Do If You Find an Error on Your US Tax Return

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Mistakes happen to everyone. And if you discover a mistake on your US tax return, you may feel an overwhelming panic. Should you amend the return? Ignore it and hope the IRS doesn’t find the error? David McKeegan, Co-founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services is here to alleviate your fears and help you understand the errors that… Read more

Top Overseas Retirement Destinations for Americans

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Are you looking for the right place to live out your Golden Years? Americans are increasingly choosing foreign countries for their retirement destinations–but as you might expect, some countries are more popular than others. And with good reason! Countries with low healthcare costs, low cost of living and easy access to the US are tops… Read more

Is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion the Best Way for You to Save?

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
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While many expats assume that the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) is the best way to save on US expat taxes, there are some situations where you would actually owe more US tax if you use it! Let’s take a closer look at the FEIE and when it may not be the best way to… Read more

Where Do Expats in Asia Reap the Greatest Financial Rewards?

US Expat Taxes in Asia
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Welcome to this week’s US expat tax roundup, where we bring you the most interesting financial and lifestyle news for expats around the globe. So sit back, grab a cup of Joe and get the scoop on the world of expats this week! Expatriates in Japan reap greatest financial rewards Many US expats head to Asia for… Read more

Do I Need to Elect the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Again?

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The question this week is, “If I elect the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, then return to the US for two years, then go overseas again, do I need to elect it again?” David McKeegan explains how the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion works and what you must do to use it, even after a period of time… Read more

Can the Foreign Housing Exclusion Save You More?

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Expats often find that their living expenses are dramatically increased as a result of living abroad. This is especially true for those living in notoriously expensive cities, like Hong Kong. This infographic explains the Foreign Housing Exclusion, which allows you to exclude certain living expenses from your foreign earned income to reduce your overall US… Read more