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How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Buying US Property

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Years ago, capital gains tax was a huge topic in the US real estate world. Today, the subject is less controversial but also a bit more unclear, as the rules have changed since 1997. David McKeegan answers one reader’s question about how quickly you need to use a capital gain from a property sale to… Read more

The Riches and Splendor of Life as a Digital Nomad

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Have you ever thought about ditching your desk, escaping the cubicle and creating a career full of adventure, travel and wealth? Then the Digital Nomad life may just be for you! Besides the obvious benefits of a freer lifestyle, you may also enjoy tax savings as a result of your new career path. Check out this… Read more

How You Can Renounce Your Citizenship and Still Retire With Ease

Renounce US Citizenship and Retire with Ease
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With the mounting frustration over US taxes and FATCA, it isn’t hard to understand why many US expats are considering renouncing their US citizenship. And while it may be surprising to some, the US doesn’t ‘punish’ you for renouncing and revoke the privileges you earned during your time as a citizen. You can renounce your… Read more

How to Pay US Income Tax While Living Abroad

Paying US Taxes Abroad
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While many expats are able to offset their US income tax each year with deductions and exclusions, sometimes paying Uncle Sam is unavoidable. When you live outside the US, submitting payment can be tricky. Here is a quick look at the steps to pay US income tax to the IRS. Instructions for expats with a… Read more

Should Dual-Status Aliens Move Assets to US to Avoid FATCA?

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Foreigners living in the US are sometimes classified as dual-status aliens. In a nutshell, that means that for part of the year you were considered a US resident for tax purposes, and part of the year you were considered a non-resident. For such individuals who have retained financial assets in their home country, FATCA (Foreign… Read more

Are You a Dual-Status Alien for US Tax Purposes?

Are you a dual status alien for US tax purposes
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Dual-status aliens involve some unique considerations from a tax perspective. What exactly is a dual-status alien? In the simplest of terms, a dual-status alien is a person who, within the same tax year, is considered both a resident for US tax purposes and a nonresident for tax purposes, under any of the residency tests. This… Read more

Do You Need to File the New BE-10 Report?

New BE-10 Filing Requirement
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Many expats are hearing about a new filing requirement for US persons with ownership in foreign entities. It’s called the BE-10 Report and is a survey conducted by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) every 5 years concerning the extent of overseas investment by US individuals and entities. In the past, the BEA selected certain… Read more

Fun Cost of Living Facts Around the World!

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Wondering how the costs in your country stack up against other countries? Than this fun infographic is for you! From the cost of milk to a pair of Nike shoes, where are the most (and least) expensive places to buy everyday products? To enlarge, click on the graphic above, then click again to make full-size!… Read more

Top 5 US Tax Questions to Ask When Buying US Real Estate

Buying US Property and the US Tax Implications
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According to the most recent report from the National Association of Realtors[1], sales of US residential real estate to international buyers was $92.2 billion for the twelve month period ended March 2014.  This is a a 35% increase over the March 2013 profile that reported $68.2 billion.  This is proof that despite the recent slow-moving… Read more

It’s US Expat Tax Day! What Do You Need to Know?

US tax deadline
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The first US expat tax deadline of the year is here–are you ready to file? If not, don’t worry–you are in good company! Millions of expats struggle to file their US taxes each year due to the confusing, overwhelming reporting requirements. So today we have a list of some of the most helpful resources so… Read more