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Don’t Send Your Employees Overseas Without These Top US Tax Tips!

Know US Tax Tips Before Sending Employees Overseas
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Are you one of the millions of employers who are planning to send employees on overseas assignments? Global expansion has come into focus and many business owners are recognizing its value for both the company and the employee. But what employees don’t know can cost them. And oftentimes, tax implications are overlooked. It’s your job… Read more

Is FATCA Change on the Horizon for US Expats?

FATCA Change on the Horizon
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Republican Senator Rand Paul mounted a fight against FATCA, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, calling for the repeal of certain mandates that violate the Constitutional rights of Americans living abroad. While his initial appeal was rejected, the battle rages on. And there’s a glimmer of hope that FATCA relief is not too far away. How to Amend FATCA… Read more

Retirement Income 101: How it Impacts Your US Tax Return

Retirement- and Your US Tax Return
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Retiring abroad is a very exciting prospect for US residents and expats alike. And with the cost of living increasing on almost a daily basis in the US, more and more Americans are looking to stretch their retirement income and enjoy a high quality of life by moving overseas. But no matter where you go, US… Read more

US Expats Taking FATCA Matters Into Their Own Hands

US Expats FATCA Court
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It’s no secret that US expats are frustrated and angry over FATCA’s impact on their life abroad. FATCA, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, requires individuals to report the value of specified foreign financial assets to the IRS if they exceed certain thresholds. While some FATCA complaints center around the annoyance of having to file yet another form (as… Read more

Are There Consequences to Obtaining a Green Card?

Obtaining a Green Card
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With all the talk about the droves of Americans giving up their citizenship, it may be hard to believe that there may be people out there actually trying to obtain US citizenship. There are many advantages to being a US citizen but it is important to understand what it means from a tax perspective to… Read more

OVDP Penalties on the Rise for Delinquent FATCA Filers

FATCA and Swiss Banks
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Welcome to your weekly tax news roundup! We understand that you are busy and don’t always have time to search for the latest information about taxes so we do the work for you! More Banks Added to List for Higher Offshore Account Penalties Thanks to FATCA, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, individuals who have offshore… Read more

How Many Americans are Renouncing US Citizenship?

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It’s no secret that the number of Americans renouncing US citizenship has been climbing exponentially in recent years. But exactly how does the 2014 record figure compare to other years? This infographic provides a historical look at the renouncing and the costs and implications of this very personal decision. Looking for more information on renouncing US citizenship?… Read more

What are the Benefits of Being an American Living Overseas?

Benefits of US Citizenship
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Many expats are frustrated with the US requirement to continuing filing tax returns even when they reside outside the US. Preparing US expat taxes is complex, time-consuming and frustrating—and you may simply throw your hands up and ask the US government “What are you doing for me?” So let’s take a look at the benefits… Read more

New FBAR Filing Deadlines for 2016 and Beyond

FBAR Filing Changes
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The FBAR filing deadlines have changed and it’s good news for expats. FBAR changes signed into law On July 31, 2015, President Obama signed  H.R. 3236, the Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015 into law. One of the key provisions expats need to know is that the FBAR (Foreign Bank Account… Read more

Retiring? Be Sure You Know if Your Investments are Qualified Plans!

Qualified Retirement Plans and US Expat Taxes
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If you are thinking about retiring abroad, retirement income and taxes is likely top of the mind every day! And understanding the different types of foreign (or US) investments and how they will be taxed can be confusing. If nothing else, you should know the answer to one burning question: Is my retirement plan a… Read more