Eddie’s Expat Journey: Returning Home to the United States  

Eddie’s Expat Journey: Returning Home to the United States  
Updated on May 29, 2024

Eddie and his wife embarked on a remarkable journey in 2006, moving from the United States to New Zealand after retirement. Eddie shared, “We chose New Zealand because my wife grew up there, and there was family to be part of our support team.” Living in Richmond, near Nelson on the South Island, they embraced the Kiwi lifestyle, traveling extensively and enjoying the serene beauty of their surroundings. 

However, frequent trips back to the US to visit their children led to the realization that long-haul travel was becoming too challenging. After 12 fulfilling years in New Zealand, they decided to return to the US, settling in Georgia to be closer to three of their five children. “The US is not what it used to be,” Eddie reflected. Rampant capitalism is destroying the place. I would go back to NZ in a flash, but that would not help the problematic long-distance relationships.” 

Navigating Expat Challenges 

Eddie highlighted the biggest challenge of being an expat: “Feeling comfortable with the flow of life in the new culture.” Despite this, he found the experience immensely rewarding, describing it as “a fabulous existence.” 

When asked about the most helpful piece of advice for new expats, Eddie was quick to recommend, “Sign up with Greenback.” From the start of their expat journey, Eddie and his wife were aware of their obligation to pay US taxes. Initially, they used PC software to file taxes, but the complexity increased with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. This led Eddie to seek professional help, and he turned to Greenback Expat Tax Services. 

Why Greenback? 

Eddie has been a loyal Greenback customer for about ten years. Even after returning to the US, he continued to rely on Greenback for his tax needs. “Believable advertising, and they worked completely online,” Eddie shared reasons for choosing Greenback. He describes Greenback with three adjectives: “Reliable. Capable. Thorough.” 

Eddie’s advice is straightforward for those hesitant about signing up with Greenback: “Go for it.” He appreciates how Greenback helped him navigate the complexities of paying taxes to both the US and New Zealand. “I had a good local accountant to deal with NZ. Happily, NZ is one of those places which does NOT tax its citizens once they leave,” Eddie noted. 

Eddie’s journey from the US to New Zealand and back again is a testament to the adventurous spirit and the importance of family ties. His story inspires those considering or currently living an expat life and showcases the rewards and challenges that come with it. 

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