Rebecca in New Zealand: 25 Years of Life as a Dual Citizen Expat 

Rebecca in New Zealand: 25 Years of Life as a Dual Citizen Expat 
Updated on April 25, 2024

Setting Sail for a Kiwi Life 

Rebecca embarked on her expat journey in September 1998 when love drew her to New Zealand. The promise of a life of adventure and a future with her husband-to-be sealed the deal for her move Down Under. Over the years, she found that the charms of New Zealand were not limited to romance; the country became an ideal place to raise her four children. 

Living the Dream in New Zealand 

The family couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for life than New Zealand’s natural beauty. They enjoy having the ocean at their front door and the mountains at their back, providing the perfect playground for raising a family attuned to nature and the outdoors. 

The Joys and Challenges of Being an Expat 

Rebecca’s motivations for moving abroad were fueled by love and an insatiable thirst for adventure. While being an expat has broadened her worldview substantially, the flip side is the distance from her American family. She notes the absence of a close relationship between her American relatives and her children as one of the most challenging aspects of her expat life. 

The Community Connection 

She emphasizes the value of integrating into the local community to experience the full richness of expat life. 

Rebecca’s advice for new expats?
“Don’t surround yourself with only other Americans. Get into the community, look for ways you can meet needs, and stick it out for at least two years.”

Navigating US Expat Taxes with Greenback 

It took Rebecca nearly a decade to realize that she still had an obligation to file US taxes. Before partnering with Greenback, she had worked with an Auckland-based accountant who later faced legal issues for tax fraud. 

Why Greenback? 

Since 2015, Rebecca has relied on Greenback for her expat tax needs. The excellent communication, clear instruction, and prompt responses from Greenback won her over. For those on the fence about signing up, Rebecca says, “Do it if you don’t want to be weighed down with worry!” She describes the service as Friendly, Efficient, and Communicative. 

Tax Considerations for Dual Citizens 

For Rebecca, dual citizenship hasn’t posed any issues in terms of her specific tax situation. However, it’s important to note that most expats can come into compliance using streamlined filing procedures. This can be particularly helpful for those who have recently discovered their tax obligations to the US. 

Reflecting on a Quarter-Century Abroad 

After 25 years in New Zealand, Rebecca can confidently say that her expat journey has been rewarding. The relationships she’s built, the family she’s raised, and the personal growth she’s undergone are irreplaceable life experiences. The one thing she misses the most about the US is her family, but the global mindset she’s gained more than compensates for the distance. 

The Importance of Tax Compliance in Your Expat Journey 

Unknowingly skipping on filing your US expat taxes can lead to severe penalties and unnecessary legal complications. For those like Rebecca, who only found out about their tax obligations years into their expat journey, coming into compliance is crucial to avoid these issues. So, it’s not just about fulfilling a responsibility; it’s about maintaining your peace of mind while living abroad. 

Rebecca’s life story offers an encouraging roadmap for anyone contemplating a similar journey abroad. With proper tax planning through services like Greenback, you can fully enjoy the expat lifestyle that Rebecca has treasured for 25 years. 

Have Questions? Not Sure What to Do Next? Get Help Early! 

For US expats struggling with filing their taxes, Greenback offers an easy-to-use platform and knowledgeable accountants that could be the solution you need to achieve peace of mind. Don’t delay, and get started with filing your taxes today. 

For general questions on expat taxes or working with Greenback, contact our Customer Champions

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