Tax Deadlines by Country 

Tax Deadlines by Country 
Updated on April 18, 2022

All US citizens who meet certain income thresholds are required to file a US tax return every year. The standard due date for this is April 15. Expats get an automatic extension to June 15, with a possible further extension to October 15 if you request it. 

However, most Americans living abroad will also have to know the tax deadline for the country they now call home. To help with that, here is a list of tax deadlines by country. 

Tax Deadlines by Country 

  • Albania: April 30 
  • Argentina: April 15 
  • Australia: October 31 
  • Brazil: April 30 
  • Canada: April 30 
  • Chile: April 30 
  • China: June 30 
  • Costa Rica: February 15 
  • Dominican Republic: March 31 
  • El Salvador: April 30 
  • France: May–June (Varies by zone) 
  • Germany: July 31 (December 31 if your taxes are prepared by a tax professional) 
  • Honduras: April 30 
  • Hong Kong: Within one month of the date of issue 
  • India: July 31 
  • Ireland: October 31 (Mid-November if you file an electronic tax return) 
  • Italy: November 30 
  • Israel: April 30 
  • Japan: March 15 
  • Lebanon: April 1 
  • Mexico: April 30 
  • Netherlands: May 1 
  • Nicaragua: 90 days after year-end 
  • Norway: April 30 
  • New Zealand: July 7 
  • Pakistan: September 30 
  • Panama: March 15 
  • Philippines: April 15 
  • Portugal: March 31 
  • Puerto Rico: April 15 
  • Singapore: April 15 
  • South Africa: Determined each year by government notice 
  • South Korea: May 31 
  • Spain: June 30 
  • Sweden: May 2 
  • Switzerland: Between March 31 and April 30 (Varies by municipality) 
  • Taiwan: May 31 
  • United Kingdom: October 31 (January 31 if you file an electronic tax return) 

Do You Need Help with Your Expat Tax Return? 

We hope this list of tax deadlines by country will make your tax season easier. However, if you’d like some assistance, we can lend a hand. 

At Greenback Expat Tax Services, we help Americans living abroad file their expat taxes accurately and on time. Just contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can. 

Click here to learn more about our services and flat-fee pricing to file your US expat taxes. 

Confused about when you need to file? We can help.

When you live in the US, tax day is simple: April 15th! When you move abroad, it’s not so straightforward! Learn about all the expat deadlines and extensions you need to know to file.

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