Frequently Asked Questions
UK Tax Services

Greenback helps you with your US expat taxes in the UK. Get all the information regarding deadlines and documents that you need to start the filing process.

Can I get just my UK tax returns done with Greenback?

In short, yes, although we recommend having Greenback file both your US and UK tax returns, as we cannot guarantee another firm’s work. However, if you need only your UK returns filed, we can certainly help.

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How much do your UK tax services cost?

We charge $585 to complete an Individual UK Return (Self-Assessment). As always, all of the forms and schedules you should need are included. UK-specific consultations cost $150 per 30 minutes.

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What documents do I need to have ready to file my UK tax return?

The documents required vary depending on the individual; however, the below documents are a good place to start the gathering process.

  • Any US federal or state filings for the year
  • Your P60 or P45 for the year in question (given to you by your employer after April 5th each year)
  • Form P11d (if relevant from your employer)
  • Calendar showing dates you were outside of the UK that year
  • Bank interest received in the UK that year
  • Any capital gain statements
  • Any rental income and expenses
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What forms are included in a UK tax return?

The UK return is a standard six-page return with attached supplementary forms such as employment, rental income, etc.

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What is the process for filing both my US and UK expat tax returns? Will I have to upload everything twice?

No! Your Greenback accountants will coordinate so that you don’t waste time uploading your documents twice. Both your US and your UK accountants will have access to the same secure file, so you just need to upload your documents once to one place and then we do the rest.

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What services do you offer for US expats living in the UK?

We can complete your UK Self-Assessment for individuals or assist with your business returns, and we are available for one-on-one consultations to discuss your specific tax situation.

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When do my UK expat taxes have to be filed?

UK taxes are due by the 31st of January following the end of the tax year.

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