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Meet our American expat tax services team

We know that what our customers value most is having expert expat tax accountants in charge of their US expat taxes. In that regard, we rise above the competition, hands down.

Greenback is extremely proud of the team we have assembled to help you with all your expat tax needs. Take a moment to meet us.

Meet Our Expat Tax Accountants

We hand-select only the most experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professionals for our team. Our expat tax accountants are all specialized in handling international tax matters. Each one brings with them a wealth of expat accounting expertise.

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Quotes Every year, I dread tax season, but this year I actually ENJOYED doing my taxes! I felt in good hands from the moment I had my initial 15-minute consult. For the first time, I genuinely felt in good hands with the right tax expert for my situation. I love the online portal that makes it so easy to add important docs, the communication and expectations were clear and well communicated, reminder emails are automatic and helpful...I'm 100% satisfied, will be using Greenback next year and highly recommend their services.

Jamie C


Based on 15 reviews

Quotes My tax advisor just became my personal hero. American expat friend, no matter where you live: if you are ever in need of assistance with your ever-so-complicated tax returns or FBARs, please contact Greenback! I can recommend them without reservation. My angel of a tax advisor went to great lengths and was absolutely reliable, professional, and congenial throughout. I will forever be grateful for his competent advice that finally got me back on track with American taxes.

Susan Lynn D.


Quotes Greenback made a complex process straightforward. I have just moved to the US from the UK and, with salaries from two jobs in two countries with different tax years, as well as rental income, I would have been lost without Greenback. They made my life easier, provided value for money and the accountant with whom I worked was helpful and happy to answer all my questions. I'll be using Greenback for my taxes next year and for many years.

Michael L.


Based on 694 reviews

Quotes I have had the folks at Greenback do my taxes for about 10 years now and have always been satisfied with the process, service, pricing, and, importantly, the results! I am one that appreciates having the same accountant do my returns over the years. This continuity is just one of the "soft" or "hard to measure" metrics in why I appreciate this service! I can highly recommend them with confidence!

Joe C.


Based on 62 reviews

Quotes Greenback is the perfect niche business. They do what they do extremely well. They are professional, responsive, and resourceful. Working with them takes the dread and tedium from that uniquely American original sin of having to pay taxes on worldwide income while living abroad. I cannot imagine facing this yearly slog without Greenback! My accountant, whom I have never met, of course, is one of my favorite people.

Stephen N.


Based on 694 reviews

Quotes In 2019 I did my return with another firm because it was cheaper. But it was more stressful, the questionnaire was difficult to navigate and the advisers were impatient with my confusion. So I came back to Greenback in 2020, because I was confident it would be a stress-free experience.

Shirley R.

United Kingdom

Quotes Third-year in a row and I'll be back for a fourth! As a former expat now repatriated to the US, I found dealing with foreign assets to be cumbersome and increasingly fraught with risk. I selected Greenback because they are expats themselves... so they have a vested interest in understanding the evolving tax landscape and getting it right. My accountant communicates rapidly and responsively; no question ever too silly for her to answer and she is extremely diligent in follow-up and attention to detail. Taxes are almost stress-free!


United States

Based on 694 reviews

Quotes Super fast, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. I keep using Greenback year after year and will continue!



Based on 694 reviews

The Owners

After being frustrated and overwhelmed with their own expat tax needs, Carrie and David decided to build a service that could meet the needs of US expats — a tax preparation company whose accountants were at the forefront of expertise in US expat taxes, that was simple and easy to work with, and treated customers fairly and respectfully.

Carrie is a long-term expat, travel lover and seasoned business professional who believes that filing taxes doesn’t have to be a grueling process. Originally from New York, Carrie was raised in Mexico City, and has since lived in Barcelona, London, Montevideo, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bali, and now Costa Rica. Carrie has a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from International Business School IESE, followed by 15+ years in marketing and general management. Carrie and her husband and co-founder David started Greenback after struggling to find a firm to do their US taxes as Americans living in the UK.

As CEO, Carrie spends her days ensuring that Greenback offers exactly what US expats need: easy-to-use, professional American tax services that delight our customers worldwide.

Based in Costa Rica & New York, USA
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Bachelor of Arts

David is an Enrolled Agent, an MBA, and an experienced finance professional and entrepreneur. Having grown up in Brooklyn, New York, David caught the travel bug after an exchange program in Belgium. Since then, he has lived all over the world. Year after year, David and his wife Carrie found that filing their expat taxes was a nightmare: expensive accountants who treated them like a number, US CPAs who were well-meaning, but not up to date on the rules as they apply to expats, and lots of forms and calculations. It was while living in London that the idea for Greenback Expat Tax Services came to be. At last, the dream of hassle-free expat taxes became reality.

As co-founder, Dave helps lead Greenback’s public relations efforts, advocating worldwide for a deeper understanding of expats’ unique tax needs.

Based in Costa Rica & New York, USA
EA (Enrolled Agent)
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Bachelor of Arts

Ceo Carrie McKeegan
CEO & Co-Founder
Founder David McKeegan

The Management

Some companies say they are customer-service focused, but Greenback truly cares about each and every client. We strive to exceed expectations every step along the way and the management team works diligently behind the scenes to ensure this happens.

With a background in hospitality management and business administration, Aubrey brings over a decade of experience in project management as well as client and team services to Greenback. Aubrey is excited to merge her love of people and travel in her day-to-day work with Greenback.

When she’s not working, Aubrey loves to travel, dance (particularly country western and west coast swing), hike, spend time with family and friends, upgrade her plant collection, sketch, and take photos.

Based in Texas, USA
Associate of Applied Science (Hospitality & Event Management)
Accountant Success Champion
With a background in education, writing, and customer service, Kristen brings a unique perspective to the role of Customer Success Champion with Greenback. Having a passion for traveling herself, Kristen is thrilled to help expats live the life of their dreams abroad by providing them with resources and guidance.

Kristen was born and raised in the Midwest but enjoys traveling abroad while she isn't working. Her favorite places to visit are Poland and Morocco. In the summer months, Kristen enjoys trail running and rock climbing. In the winter, you’ll catch her practicing piano or with her nose in a book.

Based in Wisconsin, USA
Bachelor of Arts (Music)
TESOL certified
Customer Champion
Tessa has been working with international startups and global customers since 2016, which has developed her passion for creating a positive customer experience. Before that, Tessa had the travel bug and bounced around different countries working abroad. So far, her favorite places are Italy, Scotland, Slovenia, Panama, and Costa Rica.

When Tessa is not exploring new beaches or quirky little towns, you can find her playing with her kids or buried in a book, preferably in the sun!

Based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and History)
TEFL certified
Customer Champion
Ken brings a broad range of leadership experience, including operations, sales, acquisitions, strategic planning, and P&L management (up to $500M) from employment within Fortune 100 represented enterprises with over 25 years of experience. Ken is a results-oriented, decisive, and direct executive with proven success in leading organizations using the EOS® - Entrepreneurial Operating System® for more than five years. He is a proud member and graduate of Mark Winter's very first EOS® Integrator™ Masterclass. Ken has also mentored and coached numerous Integrators and Visionaries, helping them get to the next level and achieve their goals.

Ken was born and raised in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University. Ken is the proud father of three beautiful girls and spends his free time biking, running and boating or anything outdoors.

Based in Georgia, USA Bachelor of Arts (Organizational Communication)
Chief Operating Officer
With a background in higher education administration and professional home organizing, Jaime brings almost a decade of experience in project management and human resources to Greenback. Jaime is excited to use her organizational skills to support the Greenback team, allowing them to do their best work for our clients!

When she’s not working, you can find Jaime spending time with her dog (Brie) and cat (Colby), volunteering as an Adoption Counselor for a local animal rescue, and searching for the best crab dip in Maryland with her friends. She also loves to go back home to New York, where she was born and raised, and to visit her close family in Georgia.

Based in Maryland, USA
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Child & Family Studies)
Manager of Business Administration

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