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Meet our American expat tax services team

We know that what our customers value most is having expat-expert accountants in charge of their US expat taxes, and we rise above the competition in that regard, hands down.

Greenback is extremely proud of the team we have assembled to help you with all your expat tax needs. Take a moment to meet us.

Meet the Accountants

We hand-select only the most experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professionals for our team. Our accountants are all specialized in handling international tax matters and bring with them a wealth of expat accounting expertise.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
Enrolled Agents
masters degrees
years minimum in accounting
timezones in which accountants are based
countries and territories served
return taxes filed
American expats served

Working with Greenback has been a wonderful experience for me. Even though the entire team works remotely, there are great collaboration tools that enable us to stay connected, bounce ideas off each other, and develop a sense of camaraderie. Personally, the flexibility has allowed me to spend more time with my family as I’m able to adjust my schedule when necessary, provided the needs of my clients are met. Professionally, it has allowed me to add to my knowledge of expatriate taxation and to cultivate working relationships with an interesting and diverse group of clients. Helping clients is what gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction.

Brandon, Enrolled Agent (EA)

Based in North Carolina, USA

Greenback is a great place to work! They are setting the model that all forward-thinking firms should follow! It's a great balance between my desire to work in an environment that is fast-paced and challenging, while not being an absentee family member. I work in an environment where I am challenged and thrive. I have the best commute to work any accountant can ask for these days.

Trevor, Enrolled Agent (EA)

Based in New York, USA

When I first had children, I worked full-time plus extra hours in the manufacturing industry. Struggling with day care and feeling as if I didn’t have enough time to enjoy my children, I began looking for other options. I was blessed to find Greenback. It’s been 7 years since I left the corporate world to work solely for Greenback and I have never regretted it. I am able to balance work and home, while providing a healthy financial contribution to the household. Now that my kids are older, I can travel as needed to support their passion for rodeo. Between performances, I work from my “office” in our horse trailer. It’s a bonus that the money I earn from doing so allows our family to continue this passion!

Jessica, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Based in Indiana, USA

The Owners

After being frustrated and overwhelmed with their own expat tax needs, Carrie and David decided to build a service that could meet the needs of US expats — a tax preparation company whose accountants were at the forefront of expertise in US expat taxes, that was simple and easy to work with, and treated customers fairly and respectfully.

Carrie is a long-term expat, travel lover and seasoned business professional who believes that filing taxes doesn’t have to be a grueling process. Originally from New York, Carrie was raised in Mexico City, and has since lived in Barcelona, London, Montevideo, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bali, and now Costa Rica. Carrie has a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from International Business School IESE, followed by 15+ years in marketing and general management. Carrie and her husband and co-founder David started Greenback after struggling to find a firm to do their US taxes as Americans living in the UK.

As CEO, Carrie spends her days ensuring that Greenback offers exactly what US expats need: easy-to-use, professional American tax services that delight our customers worldwide.

Based in Costa Rica & New York, USA
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Bachelor of Arts

David is an Enrolled Agent, an MBA, and an experienced finance professional and entrepreneur. Having grown up in Brooklyn, New York, David caught the travel bug after an exchange program in Belgium. Since then, he has lived all over the world. Year after year, David and his wife Carrie found that filing their expat taxes was a nightmare: expensive accountants who treated them like a number, US CPAs who were well-meaning, but not up to date on the rules as they apply to expats, and lots of forms and calculations. It was while living in London that the idea for Greenback Expat Tax Services came to be. At last, the dream of hassle-free expat taxes became reality.

As co-founder, Dave helps lead Greenback’s public relations efforts, advocating worldwide for a deeper understanding of expats’ unique tax needs.

Based in Costa Rica & New York, USA
EA (Enrolled Agent)
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Bachelor of Arts

Ceo Carrie McKeegan
CEO & Co-Founder
Founder David McKeegan

The Management

Some companies say they are customer-service focused, but Greenback truly cares about each and every client. We strive to exceed expectations every step along the way and the management team works diligently behind the scenes to ensure this happens.

As the Chief Operations Officer & Integrator for Greenback, David leads the management team, executes the business plan, and mentors the team to solve issues and capitalize on our greatest growth opportunities. He has over 20 years of executive leadership experience across multiple industries including retail, restaurant, education, and adventure travel. He is a Mastery Level Integrator for companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and ensures that our entire team is utilizing the EOS® methodology to its full potential.

David lives and works in Roswell, Georgia with his family. He is always learning, pursuing new skills and education to be the best business and personal leader possible. He spends his spare time having adventures with his kids and getting outdoors whenever possible.

Based on Georgia, USA
Bachelor of Science (Finance & Economics)
Mastery Level Integrator
Chief Operations Officer & Integrator
Jennifer graduated from Ferris State University with a B.S. in Applied Science of Dental Hygiene. Before joining Greenback as an office manager, Jennifer worked in the private practice dental world for over nine years. Dental hygiene and office administration require very similar skills and talents. Jennifer is well versed in project development; very detail oriented; and strives to create and maintain work environments that are fluid and efficient. Although Jennifer has yet to experience expat life abroad, she can empathize with American expats after hearing many accounts from family members.

Jennifer is a true Michigander and loves the seasons that the beautiful state has to offer; although she prefers a shorter winter. Kayaking, yoga, spending time with friends and family, and taking her Golden Retriever Jade on adventures are just a few of her passions.

Based in Michigan, USA
Bachelor of Science (Applied Science of Dental Hygiene)
Manager of Business Administration
Before joining Greenback, Kate was the president of an event technology startup which relied heavily on customer satisfaction and best-in-market products. She excels at building high-performing teams and processes to drive growth strategies. Her passion for data, technology, and the customer experience help her understand how to provide world-class experiences and help teams find fulfillment in their roles.

In her free time, Kate enjoys refinishing furniture and other crafty home improvement projects. Coming from the events space, events hold a special place in her heart. She loves getting out and experiencing new food, music, and cultures through festivals and travel.

Based in Missouri, USA
Bachelor of Science (Interior Design)
Director of People Operations
Tabitha has been an expat herself, knowing full well all the joys and headaches that can come with it! Having spent time living in both Italy and Canada, she understands the hassle that expat taxes can be. Her goal is to help reduce that burden for our clients by providing clear guidance and answering expat tax questions as needed. As an IRS Enrolled Agent, Tabitha excels at translating complex tax jargon into simplified concepts that expats can use to take control of their tax planning.

Tabitha has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and certificates in direct, B2B and e-commerce marketing. In her spare time she enjoys anything to do with the outdoors – especially long hikes with her husband and four-legged “sons,” Jagermeister and Atlas.

Based in Michigan, USA
Bachelor of Science (Marketing)
Enrolled Agent (EA)
Sr. Accountant Success Champion
With a background in hospitality management and business administration, Aubrey brings over a decade of experience in project management as well as client and team services to Greenback. Aubrey is excited to merge her love of people and travel in her day-to-day work with Greenback.

When she’s not working, Aubrey loves to travel, dance (particularly country western and west coast swing), hike, spend time with family and friends, upgrade her plant collection, sketch, and take photos.

Based in Texas, USA
Associate of Applied Science (Hospitality & Event Management)
Accountant Success Champion
Tim has lived in Asia as an expat since 2009, primarily based in Taiwan, in addition to spending three years in China. With an extensive background in customer service and experience in the ESL industry, he has always enjoyed the opportunities to build relationships with others.

In his free time, Tim enjoys being with his family, running, reading, hiking, and podcasting, which he finds to be the best ways to learn about himself and engage with others.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan
Bachelor of Science (Sociology)
TEFL certified
Customer Success Champion
Lisa is a life-long computer enthusiast with a passion for making things happen (and working remotely!). She brings with her a unique blend of analytical, creative, and technical skills fostered at Cornell University and highlighted through her experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area’s startup world. She’s obsessed with efficiency, a pro at managing competing priorities and always up for the challenge to deliver business results. She prides herself on strategizing at the 30,000 foot view as well as not being afraid to get her hands dirty to get it done. Through her various travels exploring and living abroad, Lisa is thrilled to be a part of the Greenback Team making a difference in the lives of expats.

When she’s not working, you can find her adventuring in nature, searching for the best street food, and spending time with her family and friends.

Based in California, USA
Bachelor of Arts (English)
Minor (Computing in the Arts)
Director of Marketing
Ashley graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in International Studies, which she credits as sparking her life-long love of travel. She’s worked remotely for over 7 years in the field of Marketing and loves to combine a sense of innovation, data, and technology into her marketing efforts. She’s a pro at simplifying the complex and loves researching upcoming marketing trends. Ashley has spent many months abroad and is always excited to help make the lives of expats just a little bit easier!

Ashley loves to travel internationally, but when she’s not traveling, she can be found hiking, doing yoga, and spending time with family, including her rambunctious 4 year old.

Based in Idaho, USA
Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
Marketing Operations Manager
Miranda loves bringing companies and customers together. After getting her Master of Business Administration, she focused on helping companies with strong missions expand their value to more clients. She uses her creativity and analytical skills to craft communications based on customers’ needs. As a travel enthusiast, she’s passionate about connecting American expats with essential resources to help them enjoy their time abroad.

The daughter of a US expat, Miranda enjoys all forms of travel—from flying across the globe to road trips. When she’s not writing content and reading up on the latest marketing trends, you may find her camping in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, playing with her dogs in the garden, or dreaming up her next adventure.

Based in Pennsylvania, USA
MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
Bachelor of Science (Management)
Customer Acquisition & Brand Manager
Sara comes with over 10 years of experience in product, sales, and marketing which makes her an expert in managing the customer experience. Previously she worked at an event company where she was responsible for self-serve & sales driven revenue, created and executed on buyer personas, customer journeys, email marketing automation programs, created new sales processes, and managed a sales team locally and an off-shore SDR team. Sara prides herself on building relationships internally, with vendors, and with customers to drive execution with accountability and trust.

When Sara is not working she is mentoring kids riding mountain bikes and is the head coach of the largest middle school mountain biking team in the nation. She loves to travel, spend time with family, and enjoys the performing arts. Her son is studying Musical Theatre in college with hopes to be on Broadway one day!

Based in Utah, USA
Associate of Science
Product Marketing Manager