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Reasons to love being expats today, on US Tax Day

Published in Reasons to love being expats today, on US Tax Day

 Happy April 17th! Tax Day gives those living abroad another reason to love being an expat: two more months to file tax returns!

Read the full press release, originally published on PR Web, below:

Today’s the day many Americans dread: Tax Day. That is, it’s the tax deadline for Americans who live in the US. Those Americans who live abroad are just starting to think about their US expat taxes and that pesky June 15th deadline.

So, in the spirit of tax day, here are some of the best things about being an American expat on April 17th:

  1. Two additional months to file US expat taxes. That’s right! With the extra two months, Americans living overseas can avoid that last-minute rush altogether by starting early on their US expat taxes. Or they can get their tax docs together today, send their US expat taxes over, and breathe a sigh of relief.
  2. Most expats don’t have to file state taxes, just federal. While their friends in the US are filing both federal and state returns, many lucky expats find that their state has waived their requirement to file. That means the only US expat taxes they need to file is a federal return. The fewer forms, the better.
  3. No tax prep commercials. Wait, let’s just think about that again: While everyone in the US has been bombarded for the last couple of months with tax news, tax frustrations, tax commercials, expats can read their local paper and be blissfully unaware of all of this.
  4. Expats don’t pay US taxes on the first $92,900 of their income. For some, that won’t mean much due to the fact that they have to pay taxes in their country of residence, but for others living where there is no income tax, this can be a real windfall. No US expat taxes, no local taxes? That’s a win-win.
  5. And don’t forget: Expats get the best of both worlds as an American living abroad. They have the opportunity to live in a new culture, meet new people, and still enjoy all of the benefits and pride of being an American, too.

So go out and have a great Tax Day!


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