UK Self-Assessment Tax Return Services

UK Self-Assessment Tax Return Services

While we don’t prepare UK returns in-house, we have a trusted UK partner with years of experience in US/UK expat taxes. Their extensive experience will certainly be a valuable asset. 

The UK equivalent to the IRS is the Her Majesty Revenue & Customs (HMRC) office.  The HMRC is the principal revenue collection agency of the United Kingdom government. They collect taxes, administer some of the regulatory systems like the national minimum wage, and are responsible for payment of some state support/welfare.

If you’re an American living in the UK, you may need to prepare an HMRC Self-Assessment Tax Return. Recognizing that many of our American clients in the UK also require local tax preparation services, we have teamed up with a UK Chartered Accountant. This partnership allows for a harmonious collaboration between your US and UK accountants, leading to several advantages: 

  • Gain access to UK expertise: Work directly with a UK Chartered Accountant who has special expertise filing UK taxes for American expats.
  • Save Time: Benefit from collaborative work between your US accountant at Greenback and your UK accountant, saving you time in sharing information and tax documents.
  • Save Money: Enjoy maximum tax savings as a result of this combined expertise and joint approach.


£600 + VAT for a UK tax return

£175 + VAT – 30 minute telephone consultation

£125 + VAT – 30 minute email consultation

Services for US Expats in the UK

Our UK partner can assist with your individual or business UK Self-Assessment or offer personalized consultations on your tax situation. They will synchronize with your Greenback accountant, so you only need to upload your documents once to a secure file accessible by both accountants. 

Process for US and UK Expat Tax Returns

With Greenback, you won’t need to upload everything twice! We don’t prepare UK returns in-house, but we refer you to our expert UK partner. They will coordinate with your Greenback US accountant to finalize your UK tax return. This integrated approach ensures tax savings and efficiency. You only need to upload your documents once to your secure Greenback Tax Companion for a straightforward and convenient experience. 

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