Cost: $250 USD

Get expat tax advice from our team of CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Our expat consultation services are the perfect solution for tax planning, assessments and reviews. We’ll help you plan your move abroad, assess your current tax situation or navigate complicated expat tax requirements.

Here are a few common expat tax advice topics with the average consultation times:

  • Reviewing employment contracts – usually 60 minutes
  • Late filer assessments – usually 60 minutes
  • Tax planning (such as preparing for a move abroad) – usually 30 minutes

Consultations are done by phone, Skype or email depending on time-zones and availability. Cost is $250 per 30-minute increments. You will be invoiced in advance of the consultation and then you’ll be matched up with one of our expert accountants who will reach out to you within 1 business day to answer your tax questions!

Important notes:

  • All of our consultations are focused around US expat tax preparation and planning. Please note: we are not able to provide additional country-specific consultations at this time.
  • There may be some circumstances where it’s more practical to do an email-based consultation due to time-zones.

Why Choose Greenback for expat tax advice?

  • Expertise. Your consultation is with a CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent. We specialize in providing expat tax advice to Americans living abroad.
  • Simplification. We pride ourselves in being able to explain complicated tax matters in a way that you can understand, so that you can use that information to make good decisions about your finances.
  • Support. Consultations are available year-round — we aren’t here just at tax time!
  • Sincerity. Our customers come back time and again because we aren’t just tax experts, we’re easy to work with too!