Greenback Launches the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey

Spring has officially sprung, and that means the Greenback team is in the midst of all kinds of excitement. Not only is the April US expat income tax deadline just weeks away (find out why it’s important to meet!), but the annual US Expat Opinion survey is now live! This survey is an integral part of Greenback’s mission to advocate for expat rights worldwide and raise visibility of expat-related issues. Find out the many reasons why you should participate in this year’s survey below.

The 2018 Survey Results

Last year’s survey was a huge success. Greenback received feedback from over 3,800 expats and learned about their political leanings on issues like gun control, healthcare, and immigration. The survey and its findings were featured on CNBC, Accounting Today, Financial Planning, The American, iExpats, Global Living, and other international publications.

The survey found that expats continue to disagree with the American system of US expat income tax, and their biggest wish is for the American government to repeal citizenship-based taxation. Further, a significant percentage of expats are considering citizenship renunciation – but it’s not a lack of patriotism that is driving their decision; it’s the burdensome effect of lifelong tax-filing requirements.

Helping raise the visibility of these issues has produced results. Recently, the Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act was introduced to Congress, and while the bill is a long way from becoming law, it shows that expats finally have the ear of American politicians. Further, accidental Americans in France are filing a lawsuit against foreign financial institutions related to the discriminatory policies behind FATCA. The more expats band together and demand their voice are heard, the harder they will be to ignore!

The 2019 Survey Wants to Know More

This year, the survey includes not only US expat income tax related questions, but questions about the tax reform. Since this is the first tax year in which the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will be felt, Greenback is interested in the impact it will have on expats. The questions also explore expats’ experiences during the government shutdown, and what, if any, consequences it had abroad. And beyond that, we’re interested in how long you’ve been an expat, and why you’ve chosen the expat lifestyle. Since our Co-founders and many of our accountants and leadership team are expats themselves, we know that the reasons for living abroad are vast and varied. Having so many expats on our team has only increased our dedication to helping expats live their best lives abroad.

You Could Be a Winner

In addition to making your voice heard, when you take our 2019 US expat income tax survey, you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 gift card from! So, take action now. Our survey takes just a few minutes of your time, and who knows! Once we’ve chosen a winner, you could be planning your next weekend getaway.

Are Your Taxes in Good Shape?

If not, after you take the survey, get started with Greenback today! We’re the expat specialists, and we’ll make sure your taxes are hassle-free.