2019 National Taxpayer Advocate Report

What Expats Should Know About the 2019 National Taxpayer Advocate Report

Recently, the 2019 National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress and the 2020 Purple Book were released. The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an independent organization that works inside of the IRS to ensure fairness and that taxpayers understand their rights. The reports from the Taxpayer Advocate Service show what concerns and focus areas this […]

Tax Season 2020 for Expats

Tax Season 2020 Begins January 27th

This week, the IRS announced the start date for tax season 2020: January 27th. That means you can’t file your return until January 27th, but you can make sure you’re ready beforehand. Here’s how expats can prepare this season. Documents for Tax Season 2020 If you’re an American living abroad, you can start getting all […]

Expats Renouncing Citizenship: 3rd Quarter 2019

Trends in Expats Renouncing Citizenship: 2019 3rd Quarter Numbers Are Here

Each quarter, Greenback tracks the number of expats renouncing citizenship. Why? Citizenship renunciation is something that affects Americans living abroad exclusively, and it’s often a decision based primarily on the continued tax reporting requirements all American citizens have. The Federal Register just released the final count for the quarter ending September 30th. Let’s see how […]

New IRS Compliance Campaign: US Territories Erroneous Refundable Credits and the Foreign Tax Credit

Every once in a great while, the IRS launches new compliance campaigns. These campaigns allocate staffing and financial resources with the goal of finding taxpayers who aren’t currently in compliance with tax regulation and bringing them into compliance. Recently, the IRS rolled out six of these compliance campaigns, and most of the campaigns either targeted […]

Americans Working Overseas: New IRS Compliance Campaign

New IRS Compliance Campaign for Americans Working Overseas: Expatriation

The Large Business and International Division (LB&I) of the IRS recently announced the addition of six compliance campaigns. Throughout the years, compliance campaigns have come and gone, but the new campaigns are targeting Americans working overseas specifically. The IRS hasn’t given explicit information on how it expects to carry out these campaigns, but expats still […]

IRS Compliance Campaigns: Post OVDP

New IRS Compliance Campaign: Post OVDP Compliance

The IRS’ six new compliance campaigns aim to crack down on noncompliance for American taxpayers – specifically expats. One of the latest campaigns will be seeking out those who are noncompliant in the aftermath of the termination of the OVDP (Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program). What Was the OVDP? The OVDP was an amnesty program offered […]

IRS Amnesty Program for Renouncing Citizens

A New IRS Amnesty Program Is Here: Relief Procedures for Certain Former Citizens

Amidst all the news of looming IRS crackdowns, a bit of relief is on the way. Recently, a brand new IRS amnesty program was launched for those who have renounced their American citizenship (or even those who intend to!), called “Relief Procedures for Certain Former Citizens.” These procedures are intended to incentivize noncompliant taxpayers to […]

The Latest Citizenship Renunciation Numbers, and What They Mean for Expats

Many expats have a love-hate relationship with their American citizenship. While they may love being American citizens, the ongoing tax-filing requirements can make the burden of remaining a citizen too much to bear. Each quarter the Federal Register publishes the American citizenship renunciation numbers, and the numbers often reflect a number of different trends for […]

American Expat Entrepreneurs: IRS Compliance Campaign

New IRS Compliance Campaign for American Expat Entrepreneurs: S Corporations Built In Gains Tax

Recently, the IRS announced that it would be initiating six new compliance campaigns for specific tax noncompliance issues. One of these issues is the built in gains (BIG) tax that can occur when C Corporations transition into S Corporations and have net unrealized built in gains. Find out what American expat entrepreneurs need to know […]