American Expat Entrepreneurs: IRS Compliance Campaign

New IRS Compliance Campaign for American Expat Entrepreneurs: S Corporations Built In Gains Tax

Recently, the IRS announced that it would be initiating six new compliance campaigns for specific tax noncompliance issues. One of these issues is the built in gains (BIG) tax that can occur when C Corporations transition into S Corporations and have net unrealized built in gains. Find out what American expat entrepreneurs need to know […]

What Expats Need to Know About the Tax Reform and the IRS’ Proposed Regulations

Last week, the IRS issued proposed regulations on Section 965, “Treatment of Deferred Foreign Income Upon Transition to Participation Exemption System of Taxation” to the Office of the Federal Registry. Since the passage of the tax reform, tax practitioners and taxpayer advocates have been requesting additional guidance on the Section 965 rules. Below, our expert […]

American Expatriate Tax: PFICs and Form 8621

American Expatriate Tax Fundamentals: Passive Foreign Investment Companies and Form 8621

Expats who are shareholders in foreign companies: take note! You may have extra filing requirements that garner heavy penalties if ignored. Find out if you must file Form 8621 along with your other American expatriate tax documents and other tips on how to avoid penalties below. Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) in a Nutshell Form […]

Expat Entrepreneurs and Self-Employment Taxes

What Expat Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Self-Employment Taxes

Expat entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business overseas should expect another layer of complication to their expat taxes. Fortunately, that’s no reason to abandon your career dreams! Read our tips first to ensure you understand all the implications for your self-employment taxes. Filing Requirements for Self-Employment Taxes The thresholds for triggering a filing […]