Expat Journey: Thriving Amidst Italy’s Natural Wonders with Kat 

Expat Journey: Thriving Amidst Italy’s Natural Wonders with Kat 
Updated on April 10, 2024

Kat, an American expat with an insatiable wanderlust, found herself nestled among the rolling hills and historic cities of Northern Italy. But her journey to this picturesque destination was anything but conventional. She shared her experience recently with the team at Greenback Expat Tax Services. 

Eleven years prior, Kat embarked on her expat journey alongside her husband, following opportunities that led them across continents. From the rugged landscapes of the Balkans to the vibrant streets of Vietnam, Kat’s life unfolded like the pages of a well-traveled novel. 

“Italy wasn’t our first stop,” Kat reminisced, her voice tinged with a hint of nostalgia. “But it certainly feels like home now.” 

For Kat, the allure of expat life in Italy wasn’t merely about escaping the familiar; it was about embracing the unknown. “I wanted to see different realities, learn other cultures, and push myself to find myself by getting outside of my comfort zone,” she explained, her experiences shaping her perspective. 

Yet, with every new destination came its own set of challenges. “Starting over constantly can be exhausting when it comes to building relationships,” Kat confessed, acknowledging the transient nature of expat friendships. “But the reward outweighs the struggle.” 

Indeed, the rewards of expat life were abundant. Immersed in the daily rhythm of each country she inhabited, Kat savored the opportunity to compare, contrast, and adapt. “To truly settle into the daily grind is such a wonderful opportunity,” she mused, her appreciation for the expat experience palpable. 

But amidst the beauty of her surroundings, Kat found herself grappling with homesickness. “I miss the long-standing friendships and the holidays shared with family,” she admitted, a bittersweet longing evident in her tone, “but it’s easier now than it used to be.” 

Finding Financial Peace as an Expat 

Navigating the complexities of expat life extended beyond cultural immersion—it encompassed the realm of finances as well. “I knew from the beginning that I still had to pay US taxes,” Kat explained, recounting her journey through tax filing as an expatriate. Initially overwhelmed by the task, Kat found solace in the expertise offered by Greenback Expat Tax Services, which transformed her tax filing process into an easy, reliable, and stress-free experience. 

For Kat, Greenback offered more than just a tax solution—it provided peace of mind. “Easy, reliable, stress-free,” she described, her gratitude evident in every word. 

Yet, even amidst her newfound stability, uncertainties linger. “I have my own website, but am starting to make more income on it,” Kat confessed. “I really don’t know what I need to do as a business owner.” 

As Kat continues to traverse the tapestry of expat life, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of adventure and offers this advice to the expat community: “Don’t make my mistake of trying to figure this life out on your own,” she said, extending a word of caution to fellow expats. “Your stress levels and bank account will thank you for relying on experts.” 

Kat’s philosophy?

“Nothing is permanent unless you want it to be! I speak with so many people who want to move abroad but have this dream scenario and they drop the idea if they can’t get this exact goal to work out.
To me, being an expat is all about fluidity and the fact that you’re not an immigrant looking for a permanent position but instead can try out living in as many different countries as you want.

So just go with the flow, say yes to an opportunity, and see where it takes you. If you hate it (or want a change), you can always go back home or move somewhere else.” 

And so, Kat’s expat journey continues; each chapter is full of the promise of new experiences and the comfort of familiar landscapes. For in the heart of every leg of her journey, amidst the challenges and triumphs, is adventure. 

Have Questions About Your Expat Adventure? Not Sure What to Do Next? Get Help Early!  

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