New Tax Bill Guide For Americans Living Abroad


Congress officially passed the President’s tax reform bill, marking the biggest tax code overhaul in decades. The President has officially signed the bill meaning it would take effect January 1, 2018. The bill has been marketed as a simplification of the tax code, which is an important issue for expats who currently face complicated tax requirements. Learn more in our new tax bill guide for Americans living abroad.

What does the new tax bill mean for expats?

Though the bill was just passed, Greenback experts have already compiled a list of changes in taxation that expats will encounter under the new law. Some of the deductions and exclusions remain the same, while others have undergone significant changes.

Our new tax bill guide for Americans living abroad will explain how the tax reform affects the following issues:

  • Tax brackets
  • Exemptions and deductions
  • Mortgage and moving deductions
  • Child tax credit
  • Inflation calculations
  • Estate and gift tax exemption
  • Individual mandate
  • Corporate tax

Want to find out how you will be affected? Download our tax reform guide to find out the answers to your most urgent questions!

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