Expatriate Tax Preparer and the Bona Fide Residence Test

Qualifying as a Bona Fide Resident Can Save You Money on Expat Taxes!

Anyone planning on being their own expatriate tax preparer needs to know about the bona fide residence test. The bona fide residence test is used to determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements for certain tax deductions. The most significant deduction it will qualify you for is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. The bona fide […]

Expatriate Tax Preparation Info

Expatriate Tax Preparation: An Overview of US Taxes Abroad

Expatriate tax preparation can be frustrating when you can’t find up-to-date information. And finding accurate, easy-to-understand info can be quite difficult. The US is one of the few countries that taxes a citizen on their worldwide income, regardless of where the income is earned. That means that you, as an American, will in all likelihood […]

US Employees Working Overseas Tax Implications

US Expat Taxes for US Employees on Foreign Assignments

As the trend for sending employees overseas increases, it’s important for domestic US businesses to understand the full assortment of US expat tax issues that arise for both the employee and the employer. The employer cost of sending an employee abroad can be expensive, when you factor in such items as travel, equalization packages, various […]

Case Study Physical Presence Test

Case Study: Expat Who Didn’t Yet Qualify for the Physical Presence Test

US expats must file tax returns each year, regardless of where they live. Thankfully the IRS created certain credits, deductions, and exclusions to avoid dual taxation. But here’s the catch: you must qualify as an official US expat to take advantage of these! We recently wrote about the differences between the physical presence test and […]

Tax Implications of Natural Disasters and Crisis for US Expats

Tax Implications of Natural Disasters and Crisis for US Expats

With Hurricane Irma impacting some small Caribbean nations, American citizens residing and working may not be aware how natural disasters, displacements and evacuation – particularly one bringing them back home to the US – could affect their ability to claim expat tax benefits. Physical Presence and Income Exclusion When a natural disaster occurs in your country […]