Expat Tax Essentials

The expat tax basics you need all in one place including money-saving advice with deductions, exclusions and credits. Expat qualifications and filing requirements at your fingertips.  
Expat Tax Essentials
Everything You Need to Know About Streamlined Filing
US Expat Taxes and Deductions
US Expat Tax Deductions and Credits
What Is the Physical Presence Test?
Do I Need an ITIN and How Do I Obtain One?
Do I Need an ITIN and How Do I Obtain One?
Can I Contribute to Social Security From Overseas?
Do Expats Pay into Social Security? 
Foreign Income tax credit
The Foreign Tax Credit: What Expats Need to Know
What Happens When You File Late Taxes as a US Expat
What Is a PFIC, and How Does It Affect My Taxes?
Common Expat Tax Forms: US Expat Taxes Explained
What to Know to Qualify Under the Bona Fide Residence Test?
When You’ve Moved: Mid-Year Taxes
25 Things You Need to Know About US Expat Taxes
Renounce Your US Citizenship: What You Need to Know
What Is the Foreign Housing Exclusion? A Guide for Expats
How to Change Your State Residency While Living Abroad
Totalization Agreements
How Do Totalization Agreements Affect Your Expat Taxes? 
Tips for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 2019
The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: A Complete Guide for Expats 
How to Report Foreign Self-Employment Income
Foreign Gift Taxes: What You Need to Report
US Exit Taxes: The Price of Renouncing Your Citizenship
US Expat Taxes and Foreign Property: A Guide for Buying Abroad
How to File Your US Expat Taxes Without a W-2
child tax credit expats
The Child Tax Credit for Expats: Are You Eligible?
What Expats Need to Know about US Tax Deadlines in 2023
Tax Home Tests
Tax Home Tests: How to Determine If You Have a Tax Home in a Foreign Country
us expat taxes social security
Do Expats Get Social Security?
Do I Need to File State Taxes If I Live Abroad?
If you are an American living abroad, you will need to file a US Federal tax return
Taxes for US Citizens Living Abroad: What to Know
Expat Tax Extensions
Expat Tax Extensions: A Guide for Americans Living Abroad
What to Do If You’ve Never Filed a Tax Return
What Is Unearned Income
What Is Unearned Income? A Guide for Expats
Citizenship-Based Taxation
Citizenship-Based Taxation versus Residency-Based Taxation
Bona Fide Residence vs. Physical Presence Test
Foreign Inheritance Taxes: What Do You Need to Declare?
What Is the IRS Foreign Exchange Rate for Americans Living Abroad?