How do I report foreign bank accounts (FBAR)?

As a citizen or Green Card holder, you may be required to file the Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) with the US Department of the Treasury. This can be done online at the BSA E-filing section of the US Treasury website or we can file your FBAR electronically for you as well. The FBAR deadline will be the same as your Federal Tax Return, and you will have the option to file up to a six-month extension (making the final deadline October 15th).

You will need to file the FBAR if you have had more than $10,000 in financial accounts overseas at any given time during the year. It does not matter if the $10,000 was dispersed over multiple accounts in varying currencies; if their cumulative value was more than $10,000, they must all be reported on the FBAR. Please note that all FBAR forms must be filed electronically and no paper forms will be accepted.