Why can’t I do my tax return myself?

Expatriate taxation is often very complex and requires additional reporting than your standard US tax return. You will need to file forms to eliminate double taxation and you may need to report foreign bank accounts to the US Treasury, the IRS, or both via the FBAR and FATCA Form 8938, respectively. You may even need to consult relevant tax treaties to ensure you are able to minimize your US tax liability.

With the ever-changing laws, we feel it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced tax advisor to help. Potential penalties associated with improper filing can be very costly. The IRS estimates 30 hours to prepare your tax return if you live and work in the US. As an expat, you need to also learn about the additional forms and schedules, find tax software that can accommodate your needs, enter the data, and check the return. In the end, you are still not guaranteed a correct tax return! Filing with Greenback will help you ensure that your taxes are 100% accurate and filed on time.