Americans Moving Abroad? Here’s what Romper has to say…

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Are you an American citizen thinking of moving abroad? You are not alone


According to an article by Romper,, a resource center for people interested in moving abroad, saw an increase in traffic to content related to leaving the United States between June 2020 and May 2021, with the last 12 reported 158% growth in months.


They cite US election preparations, Capitol riots, and general unrest as driving forces. With Roe v. Wade sacked, traffic surged 4,000% over his 4,000% this past week, with immigration sites and LGBTQ-friendly listings getting the most attention.


While recent IRS-gathered tax data isn’t available yet to confirm exact numbers, David McKeegan, Co-founder of Greenback Tax Services, said April 2022 was the best month ever for the company, with new client registration up 118.5% over 2019. We’ve been swamped with many Americans filing for the first time from abroad, said David.


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