Guide to Foreign Real Estate and Taxes for US Expats

Foreign real estate and property ownership for expats

US expats who are interested in buying, selling, or otherwise investing in foreign property and overseas real estate: we’ve got good news. We’ve created a guide to help you navigate the complicated process, including the implications of the foreign real estate on your US taxes. Don’t fall prey to the beginner’s mistakes many expats make when investing in foreign property. Download our guide instead

Yes, Foreign Property Investing Can Feel Straightforward

If you’ve considered buying a rental property for the extra income or wondered how the purchase of real estate could affect your expat taxes, this guide will be a lifesaver. For those who have already purchased foreign property, this guide can help you mitigate the effects of the sale on your expat taxes.

Plus, we have covered the most important topics that can save you money, such as what credits and exclusions can help you save money for the foreign estate tax. The Primary Home Sales Exclusion, for example, allows for an exclusion of gains for the sale of your main home, which means you can exclude up to $250,000 ($500,000 if you file a joint tax return with your spouse) of capital gains from the sale of your main home.

Did you know that there are four different types of rental properties? All of them are taxed differently. If you are considering utilizing a rental property for an additional stream of income, find out which way will make the most sense for your expat taxes so that you are maximizing your investment.

What You Will Learn:

  • Ways that investing in real estate can save you money. Yes, really!
  • Host country requirements
  • How different types of properties will affect your expat taxes
  • How the first-time homebuyer’s credit works
  • How to calculate cost basis
  • Tips for understanding capital gains
  • Like-kind exchange considerations

Want to avoid common mistakes and save money? Download our real estate guide for expats to get the facts about overseas real estate and foreign property investment today!

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