Americans Working Overseas Tax Documentation- Stay Organized!

Tips On Organizing Documentation For Your US Expat Taxes

If you are working overseas, tax issues are a common source of frustration. Completing your US expat taxes is something that often requires digging through a fair amount of documentation, even if you enlist the help of a professional. For many Americans living abroad, getting the necessary documents and staying on top of them may not be so easy, especially if they’re new to the foreign country or live in a tax-free country.

This video details important tips and suggestions on how to stay on top of your US expat tax documentation. Special attention is paid to tax-free countries, where extra steps are needed in order to adequately keep records of important documents needed to file US expat taxes.

Need Help with your US Expat Taxes?

Have a look at our blog post “Managing Your Documents After You File – US Expat Taxes Explained.” If you have any questions about your US expat taxes, or if you’d like to learn about our expat tax services, please contact us.