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Expat Tax Services & Pricing

Greenback prides itself on offering an extensive choice of expat tax services, as well as open, transparent, flat-fee pricing.

Federal Tax Return Preparation


We specialize in Federal Tax Return Preparation for Americans living abroad, foreign nationals and those who have recently repatriated to the US.

Cost: $485 USD

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State Tax Return Preparation


Some expats need to file a State Tax Return even while living abroad. Whether you need to file a state return or not depends on the last state you resided in and your ongoing association with that state.

Cost: $155 USD

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Additional Expat Tax Services


While most people only need to file the forms that we include under our flat fee, we are also able to prepare any additional forms you may need to complete your return — all at flat fees!

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Foreign Bank Account Reporting


An expat who has financial interest in one or more overseas financial accounts and the total value of all of the financial accounts combined was $10,000 or more during any point during the tax year

Cost: $100 USD for up to 5 accounts, and $50 for each additional 5 accounts

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FATCA Reporting


Some US expats have foreign assets that must be reported under FATCA regulations and our experienced accountants are here to help!

Cost: $100+ USD

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Small Business Tax Return Preparation


An expat who owns (fully or part ownership in) a business that is considered a seperate entity, including: Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Cost: $585 USD

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Streamlined Filing Package


We've created this special Streamlined Filing Package for US expats with a flat fee to save you money and make getting caught up as hassle-free as possible!

Cost: $1450 USD

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UK Self-Assessment Tax Return


We've partnered with a UK Chartered Accountant who works right alongside your US accountant to help you maximize savings and efficiently file your expat taxes.

Cost: £500 + VAT for a UK tax return ; £175 + VAT - 30 minute telephone consultation or £125 + VAT - 30 minute email consultation

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Canadian Tax Return Preparation


Our Canadian accountant partner works collaboratively with your US Greenback accountant to help you maximize your savings and efficiently file your expat taxes.

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Late Tax Return Preparation


We have particular expertise helping Americans who are late filing their taxes (sometimes by decades!) get back on track using the Streamlined Procedure or via a quiet disclosure.

Cost: $485 USD

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Need help navigating the complex US expat tax requirements? A consultation is perfect if you have questions related to moving abroad, buying property, retiring abroad, or inherited money while abroad.

Cost: $250 USD

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Greenback's here to take the hassle out of filing your US expat taxes so you can get back to your adventure abroad.


Greenback Services & Pricing

  • How can I pay for my US expat tax services?

    We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club, or JCB for payment.

    If needed, you also can wire money to us directly. However, please note that there is an additional $25 charge for each incoming transfer. If you need to pay via wire transfer, please send us a message here.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept paper checks.

    How to pay your invoice

    1. To view your invoices, log in to your Greenback Tax Companion Account and navigate to My Account and Invoices.
    2. Click “View” to see your invoice.
    3. Once you’ve opened your invoice, click the “Pay Online” button to visit our secure payment page.
    4. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to submit your payment.
  • What are the important US tax deadlines?

    April 15th, June 15th, and October 15th

    *If the 15th falls on a weekend, then the due date becomes the first business day of the following week.

    Expatriates must be aware of the following deadlines for their US expat tax return.

    April 15th*:

    US filing deadline and the date that tax payments are due, even for expats.

    June 15th:

    US expats receive an automatic extension until June 15th to file their US taxes; note that taxes are due on April 17th, and interest (but no penalties) will be applied if taxes are not paid by April 17th. Penalties will apply if taxes are not paid by June 15th. The 15th is also the FBAR deadline for US expats; however, there is an automatic extension until the October 15th deadline.

    October 15th:

    Final deadline for expat tax returns for those who have filed for an extension. This is also the final deadline for filing an FBAR.

    Please Note: The US Federal tax return extension is an extension of time to file and not an extension of time to pay any tax due to the IRS. If you owe tax to the US, your interest will start accruing from the first tax deadline – April 15th. Additionally, if you do not request an extension and do not file, a late payment penalty of 5% may be assessed each month until the tax is paid.

    Learn more about deadlines and extensions in our blog.

    If you are a resident alien, generally you will have the same filing requirements as a US citizen within the US.

    If you are living in the US, you will have the same filing deadline as other residents and citizens: April 15th.

    However, if your main place of residence is still outside the US, you will have an automatic extension until June 15th (please note that all taxes owed will still be due by April 15th) for your tax return filing.

  • When do I have to pay for my Greenback services?

    Nothing is due up front.

    We want you to be 100% satisfied before you pay anything, so we will send your invoice after your return is drafted. Once you approve your draft return and pay the invoice, your final tax return will be uploaded to your secure file. We will e-file your return if possible, but if we are unable, you will need to print, sign, and mail in your tax return.

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  • Who are your accountants?

    The Greenback team works virtually across the US and around the world.

    This flexible structure allows us to find the most experienced accountants and professionals, regardless of where they live and also helps us to better serve Americans living abroad around the world.

    We hand select only the most experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professionals for our team. Our accountants specialize in handling international tax matters and bring with them a wealth of expat accounting expertise.

  • Who will actually prepare my US expat tax return?

    When you work with Greenback, you will be paired with a qualified accountant—either a CPA or an IRS Enrolled Agent—with expertise in your tax needs.

    Your accountant will bring years of expertise and experience in expatriate taxation to your tax preparation. Our tax professionals boast some of the most impressive credentials in the accounting industry. Plus, they’re friendly, helpful, and committed to getting your taxes done right!

    How much experience will my accountant have?

    Your accountant will have:

    • Credentials as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or IRS Enrolled Agents (EA)
    • 5+ years of experience—during which time they must have prepared expat tax returns specifically
    • In-depth understanding of expat tax requirements, credits, and planning
    • Up-to-date knowledge of the latest tax code changes
    • Many have master’s degrees or other advanced degrees in accounting, law, or finance
    • Often, your accountant will have lived abroad themselves and knows the joys and challenges of expat life

    Will my accountant be friendly and responsive to my questions?

    In addition to tax expertise, your accountant will be friendly, helpful, and answer all of your questions promptly. Your dedicated accountant will take time to get to know you and your specific situation. Understanding your unique needs will help your accountant secure the biggest savings and best tax outcome for you.

    Many of our accountants previously worked for Big Four accounting firms—which are the largest professional services companies in the world. Now, they’ve chosen to focus their talents on helping expats like you because they enjoy giving clients personalized attention and being a part of your adventure abroad.

    Will my tax prep ever be outsourced?

    No, we will never outsource your expat tax return preparation to anyone outside of our team. You will always be paired with one of Greenback’s accountants, all of whom have been hand-selected to represent the best the accounting industry has to offer.

    In fact, if you choose to work with Greenback year-after-year (and we hope you do!), you’ll typically have the option to work with the same tax professional next year.

    Curious about the rest of the team? Learn more about Greenback’s expat founders and management team.

  • Why should I choose Greenback over other US expat tax preparation providers?

    At Greenback, we pride ourselves in offering a service that is a cut above the rest.

    • All of our accountants are US CPAs or IRS Enrolled Agents with extensive and specific experience with expatriate taxation.
    • Your accountant will work with you and answer your questions before, during, and after your return is prepared.
    • We offer a customer portal – the Greenback Tax Companion – built 100% by customer feedback.
    • We do our best to make the US expat tax filing process as simple as possible for you with an account that becomes customized to you. Based on initial information you provide, you will be guided to upload the docs and info you need, without endless calculations and forms to complete.
    • Finally, we believe in honest, transparent, flat-fee pricing. Our prices are listed openly for you to review and understand before you engage with us.

    But don’t take our word for it! We invite you to read what our current customers have to say about why they love working with us!

  • Why should I hire Greenback rather than my CPA in the United States?

    While your US CPA is likely capable of preparing US income tax returns, they may not be familiar with the additional forms and schedules required with an expat tax return. Incorrect or incomplete expat tax returns can lead to owing more on your US tax return, which can be costly and time consuming to fix.

    We amend dozens of returns annually that were incorrectly prepared by well-meaning CPAs in the US who are unfamiliar with expat taxation. We only partner with accountants that have years of expat tax experience under their belt to ensure that you can claim the maximum deductions possible on your expat tax returns.

Providing unbeatable peace of mind to expats around the world.