us tax return considerations when setting up a business

US Tax Return Considerations When Setting Up A Business in a Foreign Country

Living abroad as a US expat does not exclude you from setting up a business in your resident country. And there are many things you need to keep in mind in order to prevent surprises at tax time! In addition to the major business decisions such as location, trends in markets, economic climate, and language barriers – you […]

taxes for expatriates

Understanding Self-Employment Business Taxes for Expatriates Working Abroad

Many Americans who live abroad find freelance work is most suitable for them. Without an employer, you as a freelancer fall into the category of “sole proprietor” or “self-employed” when it comes time to file a US tax  return. Taxes for expatriates, especially ones who are self-employed, can be confusing so it is important to […]

If All My Income is From the US, Can the Physical Presence Test Reduce My Taxes?

David McKeegan, Co-Founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services provides answers to a common question about US taxes and the implications for American expats whose income comes solely from the US. This transcript includes updates on information relevant to the 2013 and 2014 tax years. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everybody, I’m David McKeegan with Greenback Expat Tax Services and […]

US Expat Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Expatriate Tax Tips for the Self-Employed Americans Living Abroad

If you’re a US expat, you may have decided to forgo working for someone else and have instead branched out on your own. While being self-employed and working for yourself, as an independent contractor, or owning your own business may be a liberating experience, it can also add some financial weight to your shoulders. Since […]