Who We Help

Greenback helps Americans living abroad and foreigners living or investing in the US

In a nutshell, we help Americans living abroad, foreigners living in the US or foreigners investing in the US.  These three groups all have very special tax needs, which can include additional deductions and exemptions that most tax preparers do not work with on a regular basis, as well as additional reporting requirement for things like FATCA, foreign bank accounts and other investments held overseas.  This is of course on top of the regular tax reporting requirements!

Our expert CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents are highly experienced in helping Americans file their US tax abroad, as well as US tax preparation for foreigners living and investing in the USA.  If you fall into one of these groups, we can help!

We understand that everyone’s expat circumstances are unique and you don’t want to sift through pages of information that don’t pertain to you. So we have gathered together the specific resources you need, all in one easy-to-reference place. And the best part? You’ll find a comprehensive, downloadable tax guide — tailored to you — that provides expert advice on filing requirements, deadlines and the all-important deductions and credits that can save you money!

Which best describes you?

American Expat Entrepreneur or Business Owner

American Overseas Contractor

American Planning a Move Abroad

American Working Overseas

American Retiring Abroad

Foreign National Living in the US

Late Expat Tax Filer

US Property Investor