My spouse isn’t an American citizen. Do I have to submit their information?

Yes – we need to know about your spouse, even if they are not a US citizen or green card holder.

By providing us with this information, your accountant will be able to determine if it is more beneficial for you to file a joint return. If it does not provide a financial benefit, your accountant will let you know and will leave your spouse’s details off of the return, filing as Married Filing Separately.

*If you have worked with us in the past and are filing jointly, we already have your spouse’s main information from last year (name/SSN, etc) we do not need you to re-add it.

For the rest of the questions in the Tax Companion, answer based on your joint details.

So, for example, if it asks what your income was, you will include details for both you and your spouse. If it asks about expenses for the tax year, you will put both of your expenses in that box.

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