What documents do I need to have ready to file my US expat tax return?

Generally speaking, the most useful documents to have available are:

  • Copy of prior year’s return (if available)
  • Record of wages, compensation, or tips (likely a W-2, P60, P45, etc.)
  • Record of interest and/or dividends
  • Record of purchase and sale of stock and/or other securities
  • Record of sales and purchases of real estate and/or any property
  • Record of any mortgage interest
  • Record of distribution from pensions, annuities, profit sharing, an IRA, or other retirement accounts
  • Record of any Social Security benefits paid to you
  • Record of any additional income

You will also need your travel records to determine if you qualify for the Physical Presence Test or your residency status to prove you qualify for the Bona Fide Residence Test.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Center or download our document checklist.