File Without Records: Can You Help with My Income?

In short, the answer is yes. We have found that in many foreign countries (especially in the Middle East where they have no income tax), the documentation that comes along with your income (if you receive any documentation at all!) can be very different from what you would receive in the US. Fortunately, our experience in dealing with these types of situations allows us to  file your US return anyway.

In situations like these, we will ask that you provide your total income and the total taxes paid. We will also need information on any other income and/or expenses paid out – this would include bank interest and dividends, school payments, childcare expenses, housing costs, etc. Lastly, any proof of employment would help. A statement from your employer which states you are employed will help, should the IRS question your non-W2 income. Having copies of your bank statements that show the deposits you receive from your employer is another good idea.

Generally, once you start working with a preparer, they will request any other necessary information. As each situation is different, these documents may vary depending on the circumstances!