Citizenship Renunciation and US Expat Estimates

State Department Estimates, Citizenship Renunciation, and US Expats

The US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs is an agency tasked with protecting the lives and interests of US expats overseas. You may be familiar with them if you or someone you know has experienced births, deaths, disasters, arrests, or medical emergencies during your time abroad. Infrequently, they release data about how many […]

Expats Renouncing Citizenship: 3rd Quarter 2019

How Many Expats Renounce US Citizenship—& Why?

Each quarter, Greenback tracks the number of expats renouncing citizenship. Why? Citizenship renunciation is something that affects Americans living abroad exclusively, and it’s often a decision based primarily on the continued tax reporting requirements all American citizens have. The Federal Register recently released the final count for the end of 2019. Let’s see how this […]

Americans Working Overseas: New IRS Compliance Campaign

New IRS Compliance Campaign for Americans Working Overseas: Expatriation

In 2019, the Large Business and International Division (LB&I) of the IRS announced the addition of six compliance campaigns. Throughout the years, compliance campaigns have come and gone, but the 2019 campaigns target Americans working overseas specifically. In particular, the expatriation endeavor will have consequences for a subsection of Americans working abroad who expatriated recently. […]

IRS Amnesty Program for Renouncing Citizens

IRS Amnesty for Former US Citizens: How to Become Compliant

In 2019, an IRS amnesty program was launched for those who have renounced their American citizenship (or even those who intend to!). The Relief Procedures for Certain Former Citizens offer incentives to noncompliant taxpayers to voluntarily come forward and get caught up on their taxes without being taxed as a covered expatriate. Find out how this […]

The Latest Citizenship Renunciation Numbers, and What They Mean for Expats

Many expats have a love-hate relationship with their American citizenship. While they may love being American citizens, the ongoing tax-filing requirements can make the burden of remaining a citizen too much to bear. Each quarter the Federal Register publishes the American citizenship renunciation numbers, and the numbers often reflect a number of different trends for […]

Findings and Insights From the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s US Expat Opinion Survey. Now that it’s over and the results have been collected , we want to share some of the most important insights you shared. From government representation to potential changes to the tax laws, take a moment to review this important information in […]

US Expatriate Citizenship Renunciation

Three Hidden Disadvantages to US Expatriate Citizenship Renunciation

Each year, our expat opinion survey shows that citizenship renunciation weighs heavily on the minds of expats everywhere, and the US taxation system is often cited as the reason. Renouncing US citizenship may seem like a good decision – especially if you have dual citizenship or have been living outside the US for several years […]