What Happens to Your 401k If You Renounce Your Citizenship?

If you are an American living abroad who is considering renouncing your US citizenship, you likely have many questions. One of the most common questions we are asked relates to what happens to US investments, specifically 401Ks, when you hand over your passport. We’ll explain if there are any negative consequences when renouncing your citizenship […]

Expats Renouncing Citizenship: 3rd Quarter 2019

Trends in Expats Renouncing Citizenship: How Many Expats Renounce US Citizenship—& Why?

Each quarter, Greenback tracks the number of expats renouncing citizenship. Why? Citizenship renunciation is something that affects Americans living abroad exclusively, and it’s often a decision based primarily on the continued tax reporting requirements all American citizens have. The Federal Register recently released the final count for the end of 2019. Let’s see how this […]

The Latest Citizenship Renunciation Numbers, and What They Mean for Expats

Many expats have a love-hate relationship with their American citizenship. While they may love being American citizens, the ongoing tax-filing requirements can make the burden of remaining a citizen too much to bear. Each quarter the Federal Register publishes the American citizenship renunciation numbers, and the numbers often reflect a number of different trends for […]

2019 Q1 Citizenship Renunciation Totals and US Expatriate's Tax

Why and How Do Americans Renounce Citizenship?

Americans renounce citizenship for a variety of reasons: taxes, political environment, and more. But typically, one of the top factors is US expat taxes. Let’s take a look at renunciation reasons, consequences, and trends to get a sense of the expat mindset. Why Are Citizenship Renunciation Trends Important? Citizenship renunciation and US expatriate’s tax requirements […]

American Expatriate Taxes and Citizenship Renunciation

2018 Renunciations and American Expatriate Taxes

The fourth quarter 2018 citizenship renunciation numbers have been published by the Office of the Federal Register, and we’re here with your quarterly update on what these numbers mean and how they differ from recent trends. Why Do Expats Care About Citizenship Renunciation? Every quarter, the Federal Register publishes an update of American citizens who […]