If all of my income is from the US and I am living entirely abroad, how does the tax return process work?

Job flexibility is at an all-time high, so more and more people are finding themselves in positions they could do from literally any place in the world. The freedom is wonderful; understanding the tax implications is not. 

For expats living abroad earning US income, they are still required to complete a federal tax return for the United States. Learn more about the minimum filing thresholds

Fortunately, even if you are earning all of your income from the US, you can still qualify for many of the big exclusions and credits available to expats. The main reason is that, since you are living outside the US, you are technically earning all of your money outside the US as well, thus qualifying your income as foreign earned. 

The two major credits/exclusions we use for Americans living abroad are the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) and the Foreign Tax Credit (FTC). 

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