American Expat Taxes and Canadian Retirement Plans
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How American Expat Taxes are Affected by 5 Canadian Retirement Plans

Retirement planning can be a complicated process in itself, but when you also have to consider cross-jurisdictional issues – things can become messy! This is especially true in Canada, where you have to understand the treatment of the US – Canada Tax Treaty and American expat taxes toward specific Registered Investment Plans like the RRSP, […]

Taxes for American Expats in Germany
American Expat Country Specific Posts

Everything American Expats in Germany Need to Know about Taxes

The beautiful country of Germany is a popular destination for Americans moving abroad, due to numerous international headquarters located in the country and a large military presence living in cities like Munich, Berlin, Essen and other German cities. If you’re one of the many American expats in Germany, you’ll want to know how it’ll affect […]

US Expat Taxes in New Zealand
American Expat Country Specific Posts

US Expat Taxes Explained: Filing Taxes as an American Living in New Zealand

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. It’s true, you are required to file US expat taxes no matter which country you earn your living in, but how will your taxes be affected if you live in New Zealand? With an unsurpassed natural beauty and English […]