Our Free US Expat Tax Guides

Every expat has a unique situation and we understand that you don't have time to sift through information that isn't relevant to you. That’s why we created comprehensive US expat tax guides that address your specific needs (and they are free!).

Each guide is jam-packed with helpful tips on saving money on your US taxes through deductions, exclusions and credits, how to qualify as a US expat, your filing requirements and a whole lot more!

25 Things to Know About US Expat Taxes

As an expat it’s not always easy to know exactly how to follow the guidelines for filing your US expat taxes. This ebook will teach you 25 important expat tax fundamentals to increase your knowledge, and make you a tax savvy expat! There are also tips that will help you to save the most money using expat deductions, exclusions and credits. Rev up your tax season with this comprehensive guide, and let Greenback give you the knowledge you need to have a great tax season.


New Tax Bill Guide For Americans Living Abroad

Congress officially passed the President’s tax reform bill, marking the biggest tax code overhaul in decades. The President has officially signed the bill meaning it would take effect in 2018. Greenback experts have compiled a list of changes in taxation that expats will encounter under the new law. Learn more in our new tax bill guide for Americans living abroad.


10 Things Americans Working Overseas Should Know about Expat Taxes

10 Things Tax-Savvy Expats Never Do

Americans working overseas often have many questions about how to file their US taxes. This comprehensive resource answers them all! It includes the top 10 tax tips designed to help you save the most money on your US taxes through deductions, exclusions and credits. In addition, you’ll find valuable information on how to qualify as a US expat, your reporting requirements and how the Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) may affect you,

7 Simple Steps to Getting Caught Up on Late US Taxes

7 Simple Steps to Getting Caught Up on US Taxes

If you are behind on filing your US taxes, you aren’t alone! You can get back on track and we are here to help. This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know about getting caught up on your US tax returns, including the 10 best ways to minimize your tax liability and penalties. In addition, you’ll learn all about US expat taxes, including the deductions, credits and exclusions that can help you save money each year.