What information do you need from me to prepare the US expat tax return?

As you can imagine, the information required to complete your expat tax return is standard across all accountants. We have tried to differentiate ourselves by making the system we use to capture this data as simple for you to follow as possible. At the heart of this, we have made two assumptions:

  • You are not an accountant; and
  • You have better things to do with your time than calculate the miscellaneous information the IRS requires.

We will ask you to either upload or mail us copies of your relevant tax documents showing things such as your income, the tax you paid the local government (i.e., UK, Germany, etc.), the interest you earned, any capital gains/losses you made, any mortgage interest you paid, and so on. We will not ask you to do any of the calculations or to rummage through your documents to find information. Instead, we ask you to upload your documents and to let our accountants do the work for you.

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